10 Living Room Furniture Ideas to Update Your Decor

Whether you need a few easy upgrades or want to revamp your entire living room, these 10 ideas will make any space feel fresh and inviting. From merging two design styles to adding custom shelves, these chic ideas are sure to inspire your next remodelling project.

Play with scales by opting for slender furniture that doesn’t take up too much visual space. This trick makes rooms feel larger and more spacious.

Add a Coffee Table

If you don’t already have a coffee table in your living room, add one to create a focal point and anchor the furniture layout. Look for pieces with a neutral finish to complement the sofa and other colours in the room. For example, this room from designer Devin Kirk features a wood table with a woven base and tree stump top to bring in natural texture.

A stylish basket is a versatile addition to any coffee table. It hides odds and ends without competing with the style of the tabletop. Use a round basket to match the shape of your table or a rectangular one to balance it out.

Adding a plant is another way to bring in colour and textural contrast to the table. Pick out a variety of sizes and shapes to make your arrangement interesting and dynamic.

Add End Tables

An accent table next to your sofa or armchair is a great place to stash reading lamps, decorative objects, and remote controls. It also makes it easy to set a glass of wine and serve guests snacks without having to leave your sofa.

While many people stick to coffee tables and end tables that match, it’s perfectly fine to mix it up and bring some contrast to your living room furniture. For example, you could use a wood coffee table with a concrete or metal end table.

Don’t be afraid to try different shapes either. Round coffee tables look fantastic with curved sofas and chairs while circular accent tables add a touch of interest to linear spaces. Similarly, a square accent table can be mixed with oval and rectangular furniture. The key is to make sure the colour palette of your tables matches.

Add a Plant

Sometimes all a room needs is one statement piece of greenery to transform it. Fortunately, most houseplants are beautifully sculptural, making them perfect for styling on living room walls.

For smaller spaces, consider trailing plants that cascade over shelves or wall decor to lift the eye upwards. Taller plants with erect foliage can also be used to frame a favourite piece of art or design element.

To make your plant nook feel more complete, layer in a few earthy accents like rattan floor pillows or stylish pouffes with woven textures, and choose ceramic pots in different styles and colours. Play with texture by mixing up the shapes and sizes of the leaves, too — wispy mini-leaves or larger plate-sized ones are both a good choice. If you have more space, add a few indoor trees like fiddle leaf figs or olive trees to fill in any empty corners and create a focal point. Don’t forget to explore our exclusive Betta Home Living Discount Codes for potential savings on home decor and accents to enhance your plant nook.

Turn Your Favorite Collection into a Statement

Refresh simple seating with extra throw blankets or pillows in a new colourway to add texture and make the space feel fresh and updated. It’s also an inexpensive way to dress up a couch that is starting to show signs of wear.

Instead of pushing your furniture up against the wall, leave a few inches between your sofa and the wall to create more of an inviting environment for conversation and a more open layout. This trick can transform the look of your room.

Large rugs, eye-catching artwork, and woven decor elements like rattan can help your living room feel fresh and up-to-date. Just be sure to choose pieces that are the right scale for the room and don’t overwhelm it, suggests Edgar Blazona of BenchMade Modern. For example, tiny couches can drown in a larger space, while large sectionals can overpower smaller spaces.

Add More Seating

If you have a large family or entertain guests often, seating is a top priority. Add a comfy chaise lounge in a corner, or create a cosy window seat with a soft cushion and pillow combo.

Look for multi-use pieces, like a stackable ottoman that doubles as additional seating for get-togethers. If you have a smaller space, try a floor pouffe or upholstered bench that can be tucked under your coffee table or TV console and pulled out as needed.

For narrow spaces, Ginny Flynn suggests arranging a seating vignette on one long wall instead of spreading out furniture around the entire room. This helps the seating area feel more intimate while keeping a clear path for foot traffic. You can also use a room divider or area rug to visually separate different zones.

Create a Reading Nook

Whether you love to curl up with a thriller or indulge in the classics, adding a reading nook to your living room is an easy way to add cosiness and ambience. Set aside a corner of the room for your book collection with an adjustable chair or built-in sofa and accessorize to make it truly yours.

Add a patterned accent chair and matching ottoman to your cosy nook for peak literary aesthetics. Or opt for a wingback design that’s reminiscent of your favourite classics library and accentuated with bookish accessories like an oversized reading lamp, a wall clock, and “just one more chapter” decor.

It’s also important to include plenty of storage for your books in the space, which can be as simple as installing a small shelving unit or lining a window seat with a deep shelving solution. Use shelves arranged by size, colour, and theme to give your home library the classic, stately look of a personal collection. Don’t forget to explore our exclusive Home & Garden Coupon Codes for potential savings on home decor, shelving solutions, and other essentials to complete your home library.

Section the Room

Stacks of books are a staple in many living rooms, but the addition of corner shelves creates a dramatic and stylish way to display cherished items. This shelving solution is also a great way to break up a long room.

If you’re looking to add texture to your living room, consider a textured wall treatment like board and batten or wooden slats. It’s a subtle upgrade that makes your space feel more cozy and lived in.

If your living room is short on storage, a sectional can offer flexible seating for the whole family and plenty of room for your TV. Position the sofa to face another seat or the window for a conversational layout that feels more relaxed than the classic television-facing option. It also breaks up the tunnel-like feeling of long, narrow rooms. The result is a layered, comfortable lounge that feels inviting to guests.

Add Corner Shelves

Many living rooms feature furniture pushed up against the walls, which can create a tunnel-like effect and make a room feel longer and narrower. Floating shelves and corner shelf units are elegant and take up very little visual space, making them a good option for spaces that need to open up.

Showcase a variety of things on these shelving solutions, such as books, planters, decorative pillows, or other accessories. Choose a shelf style that fits the space and your home decor, whether you opt for a slender wooden design or a pyramid-shaped unit with graduated tiered shelving.

Use a salvaged or reclaimed window frame on the wall to elevate your home decor and add rustic charm. This simple addition is an easy way to change the look of your living room. The frames also reflect light, which visually expands a room.

Add a Mobile Bar Cart

Use a bar cart to bring visual interest to the space without adding a bulky table. This stylish piece serves both as a furniture item and a decorative object in this living room from Atelier Davis.

Instead of hanging art on the wall, take a tip from Fantastic Frank and stack it casually on the floor against your baseboards. This unique display method adds texture and dimension, plus it takes the stress out of choosing frames.

If you have a uniquely shaped room, consider placing a sofa along one wall and flanking it with love seats on the right and left sides. This creates symmetry and keeps the seating arrangement comfortable for entertaining guests or relaxing on your own. In this cosy cottage-style living room from Tyler Karu, a vintage plinth traditionally used to display sculptures shows off a plant.

Reorganize Your Bookcases

A well-organized bookshelf is not only a smart storage solution, but it can also be the perfect place to display your favourite heirlooms and decorative accents. Whether you organize your collection by colour, height, or any other method, a stylish bookcase can really make your space feel like a home.

When stacking your books, try to alternate vertical and horizontal groups. This technique creates a natural separation between stacks and helps your eyes take in the entire shelf, creating an aesthetically pleasing result. Avid book readers will also love the idea of grouping their not-yet-read books together, so they’re easy to find next time they’re ready to pick up a new read. For a more streamlined look, try adding sculptural objects, trailing plants, and leaning frames to your shelves. These tricks can help minimize the tunnel vision effect of long, narrow living rooms.


There are a variety of living room furniture ideas that can transform your space. Whether you want a cosy feel or a more modern look, there is something for every style and budget. From a statement-making sofa to a functional coffee table, the right pieces can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles to create a one-of-a-kind and individualized design. Remember, your living room is a reflection of your personality and should be a space that you love spending time in.

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