10 Things To Do In Rishikesh If You Want To Have An Exciting Vac


A place which enriches the beauty of nature and makes you feel its glimpse by giving marvellous memorable moments with so many adventures and pleasant trips to pilgrimages is Rishikesh. This place is located in Uttarakhand.

It’s perfect for those who love adventure in their life. It has uninterrupted and mind-blowing activities like rafting, cliff climbing, bungee jumping, Paragliding and so on. If you are a Wanderlust person don’t miss this place! Go there and make your holiday memorable!! With its numerous beauty, it is also a very dangerous place where the stream will be stronger, landscapes may occur and will leave you trembling!! Before taking a trip don’t forget to check the weather conditions. From March to May, September is good. Here I suggest information about what 10 adventurous activities you may do while you go for a holiday vacation.

Bungee Jumping

We all know an adventurous bucket list will complete with this activity! Without this fun activity, we won’t be full. From a cliff, or vertical rail,  jumping down with a rope tied to your waist will surely test your resolve!! You will have fun when you bounce back where the rope gets stretched.

Best time: Through our year but except rainy days.

Cost: INR 2000 to 4000/-

River Rafting

To get your adrenaline high, Rishikesh River rafting will surely help you!! River rafting on the beautiful Ganges passes through the city will be a wonderful experience. Though it is very tough, it’s a mesmerising activity involving sailing on a rubber boat with your friends on the river. 

Best time: May- October

Cost: INR 1500 to 3000/-


Rishikesh’s beautiful mountain scenery with a lot of stories, full of transcendental effects will surely delight you. 

Sizzling air covers you where the heat from a bonfire warms you, having delicious food in woods where skies filled with twinkling stars, a hymn of music will surely make you feel the real paradise!! That’s Camping in Rishikesh!!

Best time: May-August 

Cost: INR 1000 to 6000/-


Want to see our earth from Griffon Vulture’s eyes? Then try it and you will surely fulfil your craving! Flying over the beautiful landscape with a parachute in Rishikesh will be your lifelong memorable adventure moment. If you have the guts to fly high, then only you can kiss the clouds and see the wonderful view of the majestic Himalayas!!

Best time: March to September 

Cost:  INR 4500/-  per person

Waterfall Rappelling

Tread downwards on a gushing waterfall tied with a rope is Waterfall Rappelling. For this, you have to be fit and fine both physically and mentally. Your courage only leads you to finish this activity. It will be a great time and surely raise your confidence! Neer Garh waterfalls are the best place in Rishikesh to do this adventure.

Best time: March to June

Cost: INR 600/- per person

Rock Climbing

Shivalik Hills are perfect for rock climbing. From various locations around the world, people flock here to enjoy the experience.

Shivalik Hills is famous for its topography and steepness. Climbing over here will raise your adrenaline level!! But be careful while enjoying it and don’t panic, be calm and face it!!

Best time: October to February

Cost: INR 1,000/-  per person

Mountain Biking

Do you like bicycling and the mountains? then you will really like this! Both at the same time! With beautiful scenic views, a thrilling ride over mountains will challenge your stamina level.

Rishikesh mountains are very perfect for mountain biking.

Best time: March to September 

Cost: INR 450/-


Want to enjoy water adventurous sports in Rishikesh. Kayaking is recommended!  Kayaking is a canoe-like boat but you sit facing the front. In the streams of Rishikesh, kayaking in the clean crystal gushing waters of the Ganges will surely be a fun-filled adventurous activity. While enjoying this, you are also able to glimpse the beauty of a wonderful city.

Best time: April-July

Cost: INR600 to 2000/-


At the foothills of the gigantic Himalayas, Rishikesh is perfect for trek lovers. Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath are perfect to experience the wonderful arduous expeditions! Sudden landslides, cold temperatures, breathtaking terrains, and deep scary forests will be there.

Best time: April- September 

Cost: INR 3000 to 10000/-

Cliff Climbing

Jumping off a cliff from 20 to 60 feet into the water is cliff climbing.For this you have to be very strong, then only you will be able to jump into sizzling waters. This activity will surely delight you and give you good memories.

Best time: April, May

Cost: INR 1750 to 4000 /-

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