7 Key Features of Effective Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation is the process of developing consumers for business services and products. Lead generation website helps site customers by offering information of them about the company. It’s more than a digital brochure; with a better user experience that educates prospects. It’s an essential factor for business growth and development. It increases brand awareness and generates the interest of the customers in the business. Here is the list of 7 effective lead generation websites that you should include for better results.

7 Key Features of Effective Lead Generation Websites

1- Incorporate forms on every page

As business dynamics are changing, businesses should focus on online presence to increase traffic and lead. Adding an effective lead generation website form is vital to increase the lead. These forms can be beneficial for generating leads. It would help if you asked a few personal questions in the beginning to build assurance and trust. 

2- Adding contact information

Adding contact information such as contact number or email address is unreasonable for some businesses. However, it is an effective lead generation website mechanism that attracts customers. Providing contact information increases the credibility and customer’s trust in the industry. 

3- Call-to-action

According to Google and the best web design services, a call to action refers to a piece of content intended to induce a viewer to take any action. A call to action is a psychological technique that plays with customers’ minds and attracts them to engage with a particular company. For example, using the psychology of colors like blue resembles calmness. Red indicates love and passion, and black refers to power.

It is one of the effective lead generation websites that enhance the user experience of the website. And a study proves that attractive calls to actions websites tend to have higher lead rates.

4- Add more landing pages.

According to many reports, websites with 30 landing pages attract 7 times more leads than sites with fewer landing pages. So we can say that landing pages are an effective lead generation website tool.

5- Thank-you page

Many times thank-you pages are avoided, but thank-you pages are an effective lead generation website. After submitting a form, a visitor is directed toward the thank-you page, which shows the importance of a lead. You can also provide relevant links, social sharing buttons, or any essential forms so that the lead can download the data from the page.

6- Leverage chatbot conversations

The chatbot is an effective lead generator website tool. A chatbot is a software application used to perform an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, providing direct contact with a live human agent. 

7- Online marketing videos

Video marketing is an effective lead generation website tool. According to the survey, video on the landing page of the websites increases conversion rates by up to 80%. And videos in email subjects tend to grow at 19% of open rates. Moreover, 90% of customers engage with a company with video marketing strategies.


Business growths depend on lead generation websites. Try to optimize these features to have a robust lead generation website.

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