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Many Brits take pleasure in starting their morning with a shower. However, a recent study found that, on average, we bring more than 200 showers a year compared to only four bathrooms! For many families, a comfortable and online-connected shower is a vital necessity, and we’ve collected this helpful customer guideline to help you design the perfect shower system.

Count The Walls

The bathroom is usually the smallest room within your home. Therefore it is essential to plan your bathroom well to maximize your space. Take a look at the design of your hygiene kitchenware, windows for your home and other obstructions to determine which walls are suitable for the foundation of your shower system. The main reason is that it’s much simpler to install plumbing for showers on a wall with studs than on brick walls.

Reprocessed three wall surfaces required.

If you’ve got three walls close to each other, you could choose a recessed instalment that is as simple as putting up an entrance to the shower straight across the front of the wall to create the space. There are five kinds of shower doors on the market, each with its advantages.

Pivot Shower Doors

The most popular style of door features hinges on one end and then opens entirely into the bathroom, which means it needs more space before the workspace than different designs.

The doors have a pivot mechanism that recurs a little bit into the cubicle when opened to ensure that only a tiny portion of the door can enter the room. Since less floor space is needed to open rather than a pivoting variation is a good option for smaller areas.

Pivot shower doors provide unique solutions to your shower installation that allows for an unlined shower system that is ideal for keeping the minimalist look of a modern-day match. Browse and select from a wide selection of pivot-framed doors available on the market.

Sliding Shower Doors

A door that is moving glides with the help of rollers. It is also an alternative to using space as it doesn’t alter the area when it is opened. The doors that glide are made from 1000mm and bigger sizes to ensure that the wide opening allows for comfortable access. Therefore they are not suitable for recesses less than a meter in length.

Ideal for rooms with a lot of space Moving shower doors permits easy access to the shower and flexible space for the shower area. A stylish option paired with an enclosed shower enclosure with an adjournment, A sliding door can provide an enormous hole within the distance that can be efficiently stuffed between walls. Modern Showers with sliding shower doors are an easy and smooth device that eliminates the need for a surrounding space surrounding an enclosure for the shower.

Bi-fold Doors

A bi-fold shower door folds in half before sliding away, making it a great space to save space. Also, because the door remains in the workspace, any water dripping from it will stay in the shower area.

Renovating a bathroom or creating a new one isn’t the kind of task that’s likely to be completed often and quickly and is one of the more critical aspects that require space in any building. This is why you should find the best product that will not just provide you with a sense of satisfaction but also a substantial design. A bi-folding shower door could be the ideal solution to your preferences in style. Elegant Showers deal with leading manufacturers to satisfy consumers’ requirements. Our website’s wide range of doors opens the door to a new range of style and design possibilities. Please browse through our extensive selection, which is complete to the market.


There are additional features that may assist you in determining which model is the best one for you.

Quick Release Rollers

The best gliding doors and quadrants will indeed have quick-release rollers, which makes it simpler to keep your shower spotless. In addition, the roller features an exclusive mechanism that allows you to pull doors away from the base of the tray, making cleaning a breeze.

High-Quality Glasses

ty of clients had an experience of low-quality glass in shower doors. To address this issue, Classy Showers came up with the solution of 6mm security and strengthened a mirror.

Toughened up Glass?

Many of us don’t understand the significance of toughened-up glass.

The glass that is shatterproof and tempered is created by annealing glass using the process of seasoning it through thermal. First, the glass is put on the table of a roller, passing it through a heat process that heats it to a temperature well above the temperature of its shift from 564 degrees Celsius (1,047 degrees F) up to 620 deg C (1,148 deg F). Then, the glass is quickly cooled with forced air drafts, while the inside remains open for a brief period.

A different method of strengthening chemically involves putting a surface layer of glass that is a minimum of 0.1 millimetres thick to compress by the Ion exchange of sodium ions within the glass’s surface area in the mirror with potassium ions (which are 30 per cent larger) and then dipping the glass in a bath of liquified potassium. Chemical toughening can result in a rise in durability compared to thermal toughening. In addition, it can be applied to glass objects with complex shapes.

The safety glass in our shower makes our doors more secure than our rivals. Additionally, Elegant Shower releases a breathtaking collection of sliding doors that measure 8mm that are nano-tech, giving our customers an alternative to improving the cleanliness of their shower.

Raising Bench Of Specifications

Elegant Showers are among the most significant shower room online retailers situated in the West Midlands. Our top-quality products are sleek, outstanding and inferior to our competitors. We promise a price that is unbeatable and have teamed up with a variety of prominent designers to create our bathrooms stylish and innovative with a wide variety of styles that are fully compatible with the market.

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