Add Flair to Your Wedding With a Neon Sign

Neon signs are a colorful, unexpected wedding decor option that’s making a comeback. They can direct guests, label stations, tell stories, and even convey important wedding details.

Whether you’re buying or hiring, it’s crucial to pick a sign that will serve its purpose. You want your neon sign to stand out and communicate a particular emotion.

How to hang a neon sign

Neon signs for weddings can be hung on walls in a variety of ways. Some are permanent while others are a free-standing design that allows you to move them anywhere.

Before you begin hanging your neon sign, make sure the wall you choose is stable and will support the weight of the light. You may need to use drywall anchors, which will secure the sign to the wall and help you avoid damaging it.

Once the wall is ready, place the neon sign on it and mark where you want to hang it with a pencil. This will help you identify where to drill pilot holes.

Next, grab the plastic coated hanging wires that came with your neon sign and measure how long you need them to be. Cut them to the desired length with pliers and attach them to the vertical mounts that come with your neon sign. After you have drilled all the screws, plug the sign in and turn it on to see the lights glow!

Hanging a neon sign on a wall

Hanging a neon sign is a simple way to add flair to your wedding and make it more memorable. They can point guests to the venue entrance, give an added dimension to an altar, and illuminate a DJ setup.

When choosing a sign for your wedding, pick the size and font that best suits the theme of your big day. A large neon sign works well with more elaborate events, whereas smaller signs are more suited to minimalist weddings.

Once you’ve found the right sign for your big day, it’s time to get it mounted on a wall. There are many ways to hang a neon sign, including using fishing line, hanging wire, or S-hooks.

Before you begin, measure the wall where you’d like your sign to go and mark the distance between the holes in the back. Generally, you’ll need to space the holes apart by four or more inches depending on your sign’s style.

Installing a neon sign on a tree

If you’re planning a romantic outdoor wedding, consider using a custom neon sign to add some fun flair. These signs can point guests toward your ceremony location, illuminate your dance floor, and serve as a focal point on the altar.

A personalized neon sign also makes a great gift for your bridal party or the newlyweds themselves. Some signs even have extra bling, like UV printing or mirrored acrylic, to make them stand out during the night.

To hang a sign, simply drill a few holes and secure the wires with hooks or nails. You can also tie them behind certain furniture or along a wall to hide the wiring.

Installing a neon sign on a fence

Neon signs are a colorful, unexpected decor option that can modernize your big-day venue. They’re versatile and fun, but they can also be purposeful, like directing guests to specific areas or telling your story.

Installing a neon sign on a fence is an easy and fun way to add a little pop of color to your garden or patio area. They can be positioned among flower beds and look great when they’re illuminated at night.

If you’re hosting a summer wedding, consider using a custom neon sign to spell out some cool phrases or words for your guests to read. This would be a great way to make your garden party unforgettable and will also make your guests feel oh-so-special!

You can also use a neon sign to direct guests to special seating areas or children’s play areas in your garden. It’s also a nice touch for pool areas and other water features in your backyard.

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