Ifanything this pandemic has taught us is, that anything can happen. Wehave no control over the diseases that are yet to discover. But onething we know for sure is that life must go on. Be it working fromthe office or working from home, it has become a large part of ourlives. To succeed, to fulfil our essential needs, work is important.That is why working from home gave our hearts a rest so that we don’thave to stop working in this pandemic.

Butas a business owner, it is not easy to monitor your employees whenthey are not in the same room as yours. Also, we cant say thatmonitoring them is not essential for the productivity of eachindividual and the business. To solve this problem developers createdthe best employee monitoring software. It helps youmonitor your free employee monitoring software.


Remoteworking has becomes the new normal. A survey has confirmed thatworking from home gives the employee a better work-life balance. Buthaving your employees in different areas of the city or even countryis much more responsibility. If you don’t monitor your employee thebusiness will be a huge mess. That is why the adaptation of freeemployee monitoring software for remote teams is important.It comes with many advantages. Let us discuss them further.

  • PreventsCyberloafing

Cyberloafingor cyberslacking regards the employees surfing the web that is notwork-related but uses workplace internet. Using working hours surfingsocial network sites and browsing things that are not related to workin any sense is waste of time and resources. With employee monitoringsoftware, the manager can keep an eye on each employee’s activityand productivity. The manager can also give them a nudge to use theirtime in the productivity of their work.

  • Improvementin productivity

Asa child, we often ignore our studies while no one was watching.Similarly, the employees tend to slack when there is no onemonitoring them. Monitoring software for employees makes employeesmore conscious about spending during work hours. This leads toproductivity because they are focusing more on their work rather thanwasting Time Tracking Software

  • AssessEmployee Output

Withemployee monitoring software it is easy to assess the output of theemployees. You can easily distribute the projects according to thecapability of your employees. This way each employee will have thetask best fit for them and show more productivity. You can slowlyraise their level and coach them as they learn.

  • AdministerFeedback

Themanager can easily give their feedback to each employee. This willhelp them learn their potential and inspire them to perform. When anemployee is working in a remote area it is difficult to improve yourskills. Employee monitoring software allows you to provide feedbackand coach them in improving their skills.

  • ManageProject Timelines

Witheach task comes a deadline. Since you do not have your employee underone roof, employee monitoring software helps you monitor theirprogress. It allows you to track the amount of time they are spendingon their project. You can easily coach the individual as per theirpotential. This will ensure their work efficiency. You can alsodesign a new timeline if needed. This will help you prevent apossible delay in the project. 

Thiswill also allow the manager to understand which procedures areworking for your employees and which need medications. It also allowsthe manager to express their relevant opinion or feedback. Overall itwill help in the organization of the employees and also the growth ofthe business.

  • AccuratelyBill Clients

Wealready know anyone can make a mistake especially when it comes tobilling. Relying on the memories for recording time spent with theclient can lead to inaccuracies in the bill. This can create biggercomplications for the business. It can also disrupt the relations ofyour company with your clients. They might let it slide in rarecases. But if a client feels that their bill reflects inadequateattention from your company, they are likely to drop doing businesswith you. This can harm the reputation of the company. That is whyusing monitoring software is essential. 

Withthe time tracking function the company will have the hard data andproof of how many hours a representative gave to the client. You canbill the client without can billing inaccuracy. Billing them fairlywill also allow them to trust your company. Your company can securetheir reputation and also save money. 

  • HandleBudgets Better

Youcan not judge the accurate amount of time, resources and efforts thatwill require to complete the project. Depending upon the project andpriority clients a manager has to set a timeline. High-priorityprojects or clients will require more attention in comparison to thefewer revenue clients. Allocating funds based on the assumption is abad idea. 

A Freeemployee monitoring software for remote teams can have atrack record of time spent on a client. This will also provide themanager with insight on representatives and how much time they giveto a client. It also helps you record the activities they perform fora certain client. This allows the manager to make better decisionsand understand the needs of their clients. They can accordinglydistribute the fund and capital. The employee monitoring softwarealso gives the manager knowledge about the client-employeerelationship and organizes resources properly. 

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