Automotive Camera Sensor Market Share, Growing Demand, and Top K

It is impossible to find any modern car without sensors. Gone are those days, when all of the things were manual and the security was also limited. With the advancement in technology and it becoming smart, that smartness is also imbibed into the car, with the help of sensors. There are many kinds of sensors present in automotive, but in this blog, we will focus upon the camera sensors, to be specific.

CMOS and CCD image sensors have revolutionized the world of automotive camera sensors. With the obtainability of the newly developed camera sensors, safety features have surely augmented and people get a feel that they are travelling in a smart car.

Automotive camera sensors are integral parts of autonomous driving systems and ADAS. They offer visual info about the surroundings of the car including color, shape, and texture of diverse objects for example susceptible road users, signs, traffic signals, other vehicles, road markings etc.  

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Keeping the Vehicles at Bay from the Pedestrians

Roads are not only for vehicles but for the pedestrians as well. All the drivers have to be mindful of the fact that the vehicle does not collide with any pedestrian present on the road. Modern automotive camera sensors have got a human detection algorithm for the safety of the pedestrians and it can also provide the driver with alerts.

Nowadays people are well aware of their safety in vehicles and so demand advanced safety features in the vehicles, technical advancements happening in the automotive industry, and its movement toward autonomous and smart vehicles, and last but not the least is the adoption of ADAS features in vehicles.

All this is directly proportional to the increasing demand for automotive camera sensors.

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