Ayurvedic treatment of dry cough

The change in weather brings with it many diseases. With the change in weather the problem of viral fever, cough, runny nose, headache. People with weak resilience are more prone to this problem. Taking the drug relieves a cold and fever, but the cough does not go away after a few days. Most people suffer from dry cough, which causes dry throat and chest pain that begins to cough. Sometimes coughing and sneezing lead to sore throats. If you are also bothered by dry cough, which occurs during the changing seasons, we will tell you about some effective Ayurvedic medicines, provided that you can get rid of the dry cough quickly.

Ayurvedic treatment of dry cough

Drink pomegranate peel and honey:

If you have a dry cough, use pomegranate skin with honey. First, soak the pomegranate seeds for two to three days in the sun. When all the moisture on the skin is gone, put it in a pot full of honey. If a dry cough bothers you, put a pomegranate dip in honey and soak it in your mouth. Remember not to swallow the skin. You can quickly get cough relief.

Treat dry cough with candy:

If you are again bothered by dry cough, you can make Ayurvedic sweets at home and consume them. To make cookies, take a fresh leaf of ginger, fennel, and mint and crush them well to make a paste. In addition, make some powdered sugar. Make small balls out of this paste and place powdered sugar on top. Allow these tablets to dry for a while and place them in a pot. Take these pills if your cough bothers you.

Use drops and fennel powder:

If a dry cough bothers you a lot at night, then take a drop of powder, fennel and sugar and eat it. Make a fine powder from the same amount of drops, fennel and sugar. Eat this powder with pure honey every night before bed, and you get the benefit.

Treat mint leaves:

Mint leaves are very effective in dry cough. If you feel a cough without pain, take a mint leaf and put it in your mouth. Keep in mind that it only absorbs leaves, not stems. If you eat a lot of dried fruit in the winter, then be aware of their 5 effects.

Disclaimer: Tips for telling stories and suggestions for general information. Do not take this as advice from a doctor or medic. Consult a doctor if you experience signs of illness or infection.

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