BC Land For Sale Available for Your New Home

If you’re interested in buying land for a new home or to put up a commercial property, then there are many different options available. From Crown and private land to acreage, you can find something that fits your needs and budget.

While the province has a surplus list of properties it can sell, few people know about them. Postmedia analyzed some of these sales and found several curious deals, including one that sold land twice on the same day for less than its assessed value.

Crown Land

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful piece of BC land to build your dream home or invest in, Crown land may be what you are after. The majority of land in British Columbia is Crown land, which includes provincial parks and other protected areas, as well as public forest lands.

There are many options available to those who want to buy or rent provincial Crown land, including leases and licenses of occupation. A lease is a registered interest that allows you to use the land for a specific purpose, with a fixed term and a survey requirement.

In contrast, a license of occupancy is non-registerable and does not require a survey. However, you do need to pay property tax on this type of acreage, even if it is not developed.

Private Land

Buying land in BC is an exciting and rewarding venture. From building a family home to investing in undeveloped acreages, there are many ways to develop your property and reap the rewards of owning your very own piece of BC.

In BC, less than 5% of the province’s total land base is privately owned. This is mainly the result of extensive railway land grants offered to companies in the 1800’s as an incentive to build railways.

Most private land in BC is in forestry areas, and is often classified as managed forest under the Private Managed Forest Land Act. This legislation encourages responsible forest management practices and protects key public environmental values.

A recent legal battle between a recreation club and Canada’s largest private ranch has highlighted the challenges that arise when safeguarding public access to Crown land. It also raises important policy issues around the rights of collective enjoyment and individual rights of exclusion.


If you’re looking to make a move into BC real estate, there’s no shortage of acreage for sale. From pristine tracts that can be considered wilderness retreats to raw land situated in the path of development, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best part is you don’t have to be an expert in agriculture to find a suitable plot of farmland. We can help you pick out the finest BC land for sale to meet your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking to purchase a farm for the future or want to get in on the action now, our team is ready to help. Give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can make your real estate dreams a reality.

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If you’re looking to buy land for sale in BC, our team is here to help. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, a commercial real estate investor or a long-term property owner, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process.

Purchasing land can be challenging for some people, especially when it comes to financing. Vendor financing, also known as vendor take back mortgages, is a way to finance your land purchase without having to borrow money from a bank or other lender.

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