Being Underweight And Pregnancy – What Would Your Fertility Spec

Assumptions are never a good base for a conclusion; they should always be done with facts and logical bases. 

But if you ask your fertility specialist about the reasons behind the problems of childbearing chances are that the answer would be similar to other specialists around the world. 

There are certain common grounds among women from different regions of the world when it comes to problems in childbearing and conceiving. 

Common Problems

Infertility is not just a woman’s issue; it is important to note that. The same difficulties are very often faced by men when it comes to fertility issues and viable sperm counts. 

However, there are a few general causes that lead to infertility among women. 

  • The age factor is the first thing that comes to mind. With a fast-paced life in modern society and the presence of several factors, a woman above the age of 35 can have an issue related to the eggs she has. 

  • Lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking problems along with other factors can have an effect on the chromosomal quality of the eggs and lead to malfunctions in the reproductive system. 

  • The weight factor is an important issue that often produces the maximum number of problems for women. There is a problem if you are overweight and another set of problems if you are underweight. 

  • Being overweight means the presence of a wide range of problems like blood pressure, and excessive fat deposits among others that may interfere in the process of ovulation or even with the process of IVF. Hence getting the right weight will be important. 

  • In the same way, being underweight will have its own consequences on your IVF treatment procedure. A natural conclusion of being underweight is a lack of nutrition and the possibility of a lack of estrogen production in your system that will affect the possibility of pregnancy.

  • There are cases where underweight women have also experienced a gap or even a stop in their period cycle. Very often it has been traced to a lack of proper weight. 

How Does Being Underweight Affect Pregnancy

Let us first understand who is an underweight woman? A person with a BMI (Body Mass Index) less than 18.5 is categorized as underweight. 

  • There are certain hormonal issues created by a lack of proper BMI and body weight in a person

  • Body fat with a balanced weight helps to maintain a hormonal balance as well

  • Just as excessive fat creates a malfunction in the ovulation process the lack of the same fat creates an imbalance in the production of estrogen in the body

  •  The low levels of hormonal flows caused in underweight women can disrupt the release of the egg every month

  • Disturbed menstrual flows can be an indication of the weight problem affecting your reproductive functions 

Men And The Issue Of Being Underweight

While the lack of proper BMI and weight problems affect the childbearing capacity in women there are certain consequences found in men as well. 

In the case of underweight men, the low BMI can lead to a low level of testosterone among other hormones that can affect their sperm counts; there are erectile dysfunctions too detected in men as a result. 

How To Deal With The Weight Issues

There are many reasons for being underweight. 

  • A thorough medical checkup for thyroid and other issues causing the constant underweight needs to be evaluated

  • Always be in touch with your doctor to monitor the weight periodically as you focus on a high nutritional diet

  • You may need additional protein intake along with your regular meals but that should always be under strict medical consultation with your doctor only

  • Only prescribed supplements and medication should be taken

  • While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important with regular exercise you may ask your doctor about the levels of physical exercise that should be done

  • Excessive physical training as in the case of athletes and sportswomen may have to be discontinued for a while for your IVF and pregnancy-related treatments and monitoring

  • Anorexic and bulimic tendencies among women tend to have repercussions even at a later age in life. Crash diets and unregulated weight reductions might before have left consequences in the body that will need a proper and routine medical checkup for treatments and rectifications

  • Certain lifestyle habits like smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages too can affect your physical system in certain ways. Always be open with your doctor when discussing facts about your lifestyle so that a proper and accurate prognosis is possible and only then can proper curative measures be prescribed

There is a solution for most problems in the realm of modern-day medical science. You will need patience and a positive attitude for that. It is also very important that you approach a doctor at the right time for all pregnancy-related issues and discuss the conditions at length with them. 

Nothing should be unknown to your doctor especially when it comes to your past lifestyle and routines that you may have followed. Earlier is it known there is a better chance of rectification under medical supervision. 

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