Beware of Road Debris Since It is Enough to Damage Your Car Tyre

Your car tyres run on the road surface. Therefore, it is quite normal that they face damage due to bad conditions. Friction, heat, water, snow and mud are some common factors that damage your tyres. Apart from these factors road debris is also responsible to reduce the life of your car tyres. This blog is based on the effects of road debris on your Goodyear Tyres Middlesbrough.

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Risks of Road Debris

A lot of studies have proved that road debris may cause serious damage to your car tyres. Road debris is responsible for impact damage. Due to the bad effects, you may observe bulges or cuts on the surface of your tyres. Your tyres may run on roads with slow punctures due to road debris. Even road debris may invite incidents like blowouts as well.

Types of Road Debris

Several types of road debris are present on roads. You may find them on the sides or even in the middle of your lane.We can consider the following types of road debris to summarise the discussion:


Glass is the most common type of thing that you may find on roads. Broken glass items or windscreens may cause major problems like blowouts or punctures. Glass may cause a wide and large cut in the body of your car tyre. As a result of impact damage, you need to change the faulty tyre as soon as possible.


Old tyres on roads can be hazardous for your vehicle as well. Pieces of tyres remain along roadways after incidents of blowouts. Pieces of tyres may fly up to hit your car. Moreover, drivers may try to avoid pieces of tyres to cause an accident.

Trees and Tree Branches:

Fallen trees may cover the entire road after storms. Moreover, larger tree branches may cause serious damage. Drivers usually make mistakes while they try to avoid the tree or tree branches.

Parts of Vehicles:

Bumpers and mufflers are common parts of vehicles that you may see on the roads. Loose parts of a vehicle may fall on the road. Moreover, drivers may leave them after a road accident. Hitting a car part like a muffler pipe may cause serious damage.


You may observe rocks and boulders on roads. Small rocks may fly to damage your vehicle and large rocks may cause serious damage as well.

Construction Waste:

Barrels, bricks and cones are also a type of dangerous road debris. When your car runs over construction waste, your tyres may face cuts and punctures. Other parts of the vehicle like windows may experience damage as well.

Iron Nails:

Iron nails, screws and bolts are present on roads to puncture the body of your car tyres.

So, these are some common types of road debris. Since your tyres function on open roads, they are more prone to face damage. Generally, tyres face the following types of damage due to road debris:


Your tyres may blow out if they suddenly hit a hard object on the road. They are more likely to face a tyre burst if they are running with high air pressure. Blowouts are not repairable. It means you have to buy a new set of tyres for your vehicle after the incident. 


Objects like nails and pieces of glass may make tiny holes in the body of your car tyres. These holes are enough to allow air to seep out of the tyre. In most cases, punctures are repairable.

Bulges and Cuts:

Bulges occur on the body of car tyres due to impact damage. A bulge on the sidewall will indicate a weak internal structure of the car tyre. Sharp-edged objects may cause small or large cuts in your car tyres.

You can save your tyres from these damage signs if you avoid road debris while you drive your car. Keeping tread depth at the optimum level is also a good idea to ensure the good health of your tyres. Air pressure in your tyres is also vital for the health of Car Tyres Middlesbrough with the wrong inflation level will face more damage due to road debris. Therefore, do not forget to check the air pressure at regular intervals.  

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