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Email is an essential part of marketing an online business. Creating an online business might lead to hearing that “the money is on the list.” Every time you promote or sell a product, you need an audience that’s loyal to you.

Building a mailing list as quickly as possible is accomplished by guest blogging for a popular blog. Subscribers are more likely to subscribe to your list if your content is appealing and relevant, the list of subscribers can be built up over time using this method.

It is still very efficient to have guest posts on the right blogs.

Here are four considerations you need to look for when trying to find a blog that will accept your post:

Amount of relevance

Blogs that discuss your topic have guest posts, as you know. Even so, you have plenty of content to choose from. By writing guest posts for blogs related to your topic, you can also successfully grow your list.

Let’s say that you help young people save money as part of your niche. A tech-gadget-focused website might be a suitable place to guest post. If you want to save money, you could write a paper on ten apps that help you do so.

It does not matter whether you specialize in a certain technology. What matters is whether you can use the technology effectively. Finding your audience’s online home and then making your topic relevant requires knowing where your audience lives.


Post size does not matter as much as the number of audience members. Being seen is less important than getting subscribers. If you don’t know who the audience is, all the money you’ve invested won’t be worthwhile.

Instead of focusing on the size of the blog, start paying attention to how engaged its audience is. Does it comment? Do people share, tweet, and like it? There’s no guarantee they’ll give you their email address if they don’t.

In the absence of regular use of your blog, your audience will not engage with you.


Guest posting on blogs is not always successful. It’s imperative to check the author bio to determine whether you will be allowed to link to your website, or better yet, your opt-in page.

You may try to gain an audience’s email address when you guest blog on somebody else’s blog so you can interact with them. If you want to promote your author’s biography, your website, and your opt-in bribe, then you should look for guest posting opportunities that will allow you to do so.


It is a “cherry on top” type of thing to look for. Are the bloggers promoting the guest posts? Perk is a “nice to have”, but not a “must-have.

The audience of a popular blog receives an email when an article is posted. Because the email was sent to him, you can presume some of his audience will see your post. Could the blog post be shared on social media as well?

The more the blogger promotes your post, the greater the chance of growing your email list. Consider bloggers who don’t think twice about sharing everything they share on their blogs.

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