Choosing a Shower Tray Could Be Trickier Than You Imagined

Indeed, a determination to select your new shower tray is probably not the main reason you decided to remodel your bathroom. However, considering the possibilities ahead of time will make the process easier and guarantee you your dream shower that you’ve dreamed of and deserves to give the issue some thought.

The first thing you should consider is the structure of the bathroom flooring. If there is a solid floor, the pipework will be installed beneath that base shower tray instead of beneath the floor. Therefore, you will require the tray with adjustable legs. If your flooring is uneven, you will need risers.

Certain trays come with upstands, which are lips that sit against the walls, and to that, you apply tiles to create a watertight sealing between the wall and the tray. You might feel more secure that this additional waterproofing can give you.

There are five kinds of materials from which shower trays are made, comprising moulded acrylic surfaces, stainless steel fireclay, and stone resin. Stone resin and acrylic are both very popular choices; The former is warm to the touch, and the latter is extremely tough. Both are available with adjustable legs, and various manufacturers offer both at different price points. Other materials tend to be more expensive; however, they offer advantages such as durability and resistance to stains and scratches. Be certain of the quality you’re buying before purchasing.

If you’re living on a flat wood floor and are looking for a sleek minimalist style and a sloping edge where you’re unlikely to step on your feet when you step into the shower, the slimline tray is likely to be considered – particularly if there are limitations on height such as in the case of installing the shower into a loft conversion.

The size and shape of the shower tray you choose to purchase are often determined by the shape and dimensions of the bathroom. Consider the general style you would like. People who are fond of sharp lines and angles tend to favour an oval, square, or pentangular design, whereas others might be more enamoured of the smooth curves of the quadrant. Pentangular and quadrant shapes make the most of the space in the shower by rounding off or cutting off corners that might otherwise be a bit out of the room. Rectangular designs typically have an additional drying space that can be appealing if you don’t like drips irritating the floor. It could also be possible to tile or cover with wooden boards to provide a different look.

Whatever shower tray you pick, You’ll probably not think about it when your shower is up and set to go. Choosing the best quality tray suitable for your needs means you’ll never need to.

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