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“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment,” so said Wess Stafford, the former president and CEO of ‘Compassion International’ and a celebrated advocate for children.

Children Heart Foundation in IndiaAnd yet, millions of children in several parts of the world continue to fight many challenges that prevent them from going through a normal growth and development. As we sit in our comfortable homes and offices, comfortable with the thought that God forbid one of our kids is faced with a medical illness, wewill have the means to get our child the right treatment, for many children living in India this continues to remain a distant reality. And this is where one can donate to help children in India.

While we have made progress in reducing child mortality, the road is till long. Lack of awareness and access to health care facilities are 2 of the main challenges in saving children from deaths that could be prevented. One such illness is Congenital Heart Defects. These are defects in the heart of a child present from birth, and they impact the structure of the heart and hence the way it is able to function. A defect in the heart, the main engine of the body, in turn impacts the growth and development of the child.

In India approximately 200,000-250,000 children are born with a heart defect each year. Out of these approximately 70,000 are critical defects, meaning that they will not be able to survive till their first birthday if they are not provided with immediate treatment. And this is the harsh reality – thousands of families of children born with a heart defect do not have the means to save their child. This is where Genesis Foundation: Children Heart Foundation in India is making a difference.

The Foundation, located in Gurgaon, supports the medical treatment of underprivileged children born with a congenital heart defect. The families of these children have a monthly income of Rs 20,000 (approximately GBP 200) or lesser. Till now the Foundation has given life a chance to over 3900 children suffering from a critical medical illness across the country.

Donate to help children in IndiaThe foundation is dependent on the funding it receives from its CSR partners, Individuals who donate to help children in India and its own fund raising events. As a frontline non-profit organisation working exclusively for children and their heart disorder treatment in India, the Foundation works directly and closely with the families, guardians, and doctors to help provide not only timely, but the best available treatment. Being one of the few Children Heart Foundation in India, Genesis Foundation has also been working to increase the awareness about the disease especially in hard to reach geographical areas in the country. They regularly conduct screening camps across the country which help both to increase awareness and provide medical help to children suffering from a heart defect who would not otherwise have access to the same.

3900 children have been given a second chance at life- 3900 little children were given an opportunity to heal their hearts and focus on pursuing their dreams – the dreams of being a police officer, a teacher, an IAS officer all that had been put under the carpet as they were struggling to fight their heart defect. The families of each of these children were given a chance to have their child healed, to reinstate their faith in humanity and to sleep in peace knowing that they child was treated.

The Foundation works with a singular vision- that no parent should have to lose their child to a congenital heart defect only because they did not have the funds to access the same.

As a parent if you share this thought, and would like to donate to help children in India, then donating to a child heart foundation can help give an underprivileged child be given a chance at life. Every donation has the power to heal a heart, to save a heart and to heal a family.

100 % individual donations given to Genesis Foundation are used towards the treatment of the child with no allocation for administrative expenses. The Foundation is also extremely transparent about the way the fund have been used. If you would like to find out more, you can email

An Indian citizen, including those based in UK having a valid Indian passport, wanting to avail the 80G tax exemption can contribute in INR using multiple Indian payment methods, inclusive of international credit cards.

If you would like to donate from UK, you can do so by clicking

A UK taxpayer, wanting to avail the GiftAid tax exemption can make their contribution in GBP.

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