Elevate Guest Comfort and Satisfaction With Wholesale Hospitalit

When guests stay at your hotel the linens are one of the first things they notice. The quality of the towels, sheets and bath robes they receive will impact their experience and how much comfort they feel.

Purchasing hospitality linens in bulk provides many benefits over retail products. These include: a high level of quality, consistent performance and reasonable pricing.


When it comes to your hospitality linens, quality is everything. Your guests depend on you to provide clean and hygienic linens, and maintaining this level of cleanliness can be challenging without the right equipment and expertise.

The best way to maintain quality is by partnering with a linen service provider that has access to industry-leading hospitality linen products at wholesale prices. They can purchase these high-quality linens directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and reducing costs for your business.

When you invest in a wholesale hospitality linens service, you’ll be able to select the exact sizes of bed linens and towels your business needs. This ensures that you always have the correct amount of linens on hand, and reduces your laundry time as well.


The linens used in a hotel room can play a huge role in guests’ satisfaction with their stay. Providing high-quality bedding and towels can help hotels create a comfortable and memorable experience for their guests, which can lead to repeat business and positive recommendations.

Hospitality-grade linens are designed to be more durable than retail products because they’re constantly being laundered and used by multiple guests. This allows them to last longer and save hotels money on replacements.

Many hospitality-grade products are also made to be more eco-friendly. This can be especially important for hotels looking to be environmentally conscious and reduce their carbon footprint. For example, some sheets are available with CRF (Crinkle-Resistant Finish) that helps to cut down on laundering costs by reducing the amount of time that the sheets spend in the dryer.


Travelers are not only looking for comfortable beds to get a good night’s sleep, they also want to feel like they are in a clean environment. A fresh bed, towels and tablecloths are the first things a hotel guest notices and can create a lasting impression.

Maintaining a constant flow of clean linens is a challenge for hotels. With daily towel usage, spilled coffee and room service dishes and food, it can be easy for linens to become dirty, worn or stained.

Choosing a quality linen that is made of high-quality materials and is designed to resist fading, stretching and pilling will reduce the need for costly rewashes. Choosing a linen made of organic or Supima cotton that is grown with minimal pesticides and insecticides is another way to help reduce environmental impact.


Businesses that use towels often — spas, hotels and gyms — need sheets that are durable enough to hold up after many washes. Hospitality linens feature a tighter weave and stronger synthetic yarn to resist wear, stains and tears for longer-lasting use.

Hospitality bedding products also feature size identification details so that staff can easily locate the right sheet sets for each guest’s bed. For example, Standard Textile’s ComfortWill is the most popular bed linen used in hotels across the country and features color-coded threads to indicate king sets, queen sets and twin sheets.

These details make finding the right wholesale hospitality linens easy for your business. Plus, buying in bulk saves time and money on shipping and handling expenses! Purchasing bulk hotel linens directly from the manufacturer means you’ll receive higher-quality products at an affordable price.


Hospitality-grade linens require special care and washing instructions to keep them looking fresh. These premium fabrics also need to be sized and tagged properly to ensure they are properly stocked in hotel rooms.

Investing in quality hotel linens can help your business create a luxurious, comfortable and relaxing experience for guests, which can lead to more customer loyalty. Whether you own an established hotel chain or a small private bed and breakfast, high-quality Made in the USA linen can become a subtle reminder of your brand long after a guest leaves your property.

Having the right industrial laundry equipment can also make it easier to maintain a constant supply of quality linens for your guests and customers. Our team can help you find the perfect hotel linen supplier to make sure your guests are always satisfied.

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