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It is the automobile that characterises this age. Be it picking up the kids from school or heading out for dinner over the weekends. Packed with family, groceries, camping equipment, bags, pets, and other items. Most people find something they like about an SUV.

Such a multifaceted piece of mechanical brilliance necessitates the use of the proper rubber. Continue reading and discover what’s best for your SUV!

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2WD vs AWD vs 4WD | Sizes: Compact, Mid or Full?

Before getting into its tyres, one must first know the SUV. Because you’ll find these available in a variety of sizes and styles. These get categorised as anything between sub-compact to premium full-size. But let’s make things simpler. An SUV is either designed on a unibody (basically a vehicle frame) or a body-on-frame (as employed in 4x4s). The Highlander and Toyota RAV4, for instance, are examples of unibody SUVs. The Toyota Fortuner gets produced on the Hilux body-on-frame.

You’ll find that an SUV constructed on a unibody frame gets produced in 2WD and AWD configurations. A body-on-frame SUV could have a total or part-time four-wheel drive. It will have a 4WD Low configuration. This is the option you’ll need if you’re going off the road or through gravel and dirt.

Kinds of SUV Tyres

So, what kind of tyres does your SUV require? That’s dependent on your objectives. We put on our formal shoes for traditional events, sneakers for jogging and rubber boots in the rain. Tyres are quite similar.

Highway Tyres

Designed for the highway. Highway tyres devote their efforts towards delivering the necessary grip at fast speeds. They feature precisely constructed sipes that help disperse water quickly and are often rather silent. In case you spend a lot of time driving on New Zealand’s roads and highways, then Highway Tyres would make the SUV you drive more enjoyable and sturdy.

All-Terrain Tyres

Such tyres, defined by larger tread patterns, are equally at home off as well as on roads. They’re intended for modest off-road driving. These will get through some dirt and they’re suitable for when you go see your friend in a remote, messy area. However, unless you pick the right set, these may be a bit noisier on the ground and not as effective in the rain.

What’s the purpose of an SUV?

The answer’s based on the kind of SUV in question. However, they’re typically ideal for almost anything. Because of their increased ride height, they are excellent if you’re a little more daring and venture out to that secluded camping area. Because of the horsepower and agility, you could easily tow a boat. The internal area is large enough and accommodates the family, pets, luggage, and groceries.

SUV Tyre Design

A bit different from standard car tyres. The most significant change is an SUV’s requirement in dealing with the additional load of the vehicle. Transmitting its weight while stopping and turning is also very important. The infamous SUV ‘body-roll’ problem related to the vehicle’s centre of gravity is something automakers try avoiding.  As a result, the vehicle needs certain interior reinforcing and bracing. Newer sophisticated SUV tyres feature ‘Dual Zone’ or ‘Adaptive Response’ sides. The tyre’s sidewalls stay flexible and absorb road irregularities for a comfortable ride, yet harden up and toughen under strain for increased steadiness and steering precision. It’s quite clever.

Select the right tyres for your SUV

Original Fitment

The first trip in a fresh SUV is something one must enjoy. You’ll never get this experience again. However, the second best thing is if you replace its tyres with the originals. This assists in keeping a consistent level of road noise and gas mileage. If it isn’t a possibility, here is what you should think about:


While being substantially bulkier and having a higher centre of gravity, SUVs aim at operating like a car. The calculations are quite hard on tyres, so search for an SUV-specific tyre.


That massive SUV must timely and securely stop when the driver needs it to. Do your research on whether the tyres you’re considering hold their own while braking in both wet and dry conditions.


The future’s quite big on noise-cancelling technologies and noise blockers. Tyre noise gets caused due to air getting squeezed in the tread grooves when they make contact with the ground. The smarter tyres feature specific tread designs that assist reduce street noise.


The days of giving up your tread health for driver safety are behind us. Today’s good-quality tyres can deliver the functionality you want for an extended period of time.


If you want to wander off those roads, you’ll want a tough tyre. Opt for a sturdy build that can endure harm. But keep in mind that should not sacrifice on-road ability. A good all-terrain tyre would accomplish both.

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