High Mast LED Flood Light – Great Choice for Illuminating

High mast-led flood light is a great choice for illuminating a wide variety of high-activity areas such as highways and expressways, airports, and shipping ports. These areas require powerful lighting to keep traffic moving smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

LEDs compare favorably to HIDs for luminous intensity and are able to maintain their performance for a significantly longer period of time. This translates into lower maintenance costs and more long-term investment value.

High Power

High mast-led flood lights are designed to provide high-lumen output over a broad area. They are often used for sports fields and stadiums, large parking lots, and airports.

These fixtures can be mounted up to a height of 120 feet, and they typically have dual mounting tabs at the base of the light that allows for easy installation. They can also be customized to fit a variety of application needs and mounting configurations.

Compared to traditional HID flood lights, LEDs are very energy efficient, and they do not require any maintenance over the life of the fixture. In addition, they can be dimmed using motion sensors to save even more energy and money.

High Lumen Output

High mast-led flood lights deliver an exceptionally high level of light output over a large area. They are a great replacement for metal halide fixtures and can reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and overall lifespan.

Our LED flood lights are rated IP65 and can be used to illuminate parking lots, sports complexes, billboards, and other areas where high-quality lighting is required. They also have no glare or flashing effects, and are eco-friendly and safe for outdoor use.

Our LED high mast flood lights can replace 250-watt HID lamps and provide excellent illumination of extensive outdoor areas including airport aprons, tunnels, motorway junctions, intersections, open ground and other Industrial Lighting applications. They are a heavy duty design, are low profile, and can withstand severe weather conditions.

Long Lifespan

LED high mast lights are built to last a long time, with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. This is a much longer life span than a traditional HID flood light which only lasts for around 25 hours on average.

The reason is simple, LED white lights emit less heat than HID lamps, which is a major energy saving. Additionally, they do not need to be cooled as HID floodlights do.

This enables them to stay lit up for a longer period of time and saves you money on maintenance costs. This makes them ideal for large stadiums and other outdoor areas where regular maintenance is a challenge.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance of a high mast-led flood light makes it ideal for illuminating large stadiums, parking lots, and outdoor sports fields. Compared to traditional high mast lights, LED floodlights require less maintenance, and they can be dimmed using motion sensors in areas with limited activity.

In addition, lowering devices are useful for maintenance purposes and allow you to lower the mast structure to ground level in order to access luminaires. These devices can be manual or motorized and can help reduce costs and safety risks associated with high mast lighting.

Traditional HID high mast fixtures are fueled by several different bulb wattages, ranging from 400 watts to 2,000 watts. This depends on the amount of area being illuminated and the mounting height.

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