Hill Station Wedding

Shaking your head is the most wonderful feeling you can ever feel. Find a great hotel on a beautiful exotic hill stations and let the cold do it all for you. Creating a wedding venue at a hill station is a great idea. It is an ideal way to provide guests with information on accommodation, transport options and directions. It is also advisable to warn guests about the weather so that they can dress with coats, scarves and raincoats if necessary.

Be sure to keep hot tea or coffee for guests to keep warm. Alcohol also helps to treat colds. If you are planning to have a wedding outdoors, try to cover the venue with a transparent plastic sheet so that you can enjoy the beautiful view, you are also protected from the cold.

Placing small pots with hot coals every few feet allows guests to warm up. Serve tea that can be heated over coals during the flight. You can also make it fun by giving your guests marshmallows, peanuts or charcoal. If you want to make it weirder, place a few pots of fondue around it. Another great idea is to serve glu wine, a nice spiced wine to keep guests warm.

Have a Mehndi party in a warm and comfortable room with several heaters. If the bride puts mehndi on her hands and feet, then you should not feel cold and you must enjoy the amazing facts of hill stations.

Keep in mind that the bride’s and groom’s clothes must be made of coarse silk. When you swear an oath, you do not want to be stagnant. Keep some scarves during the holidays vist Places in Pune, although all your enthusiasm will keep you warm. In addition, the flood will warm you up, so you don’t have to worry too much about the cold.

The food you serve at a wedding party should always be hot. Serve hot soup and broth. The roti or naan you serve should also be hot. Close the whole meal with hot jalapeo and cold ice cream.

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Hill Station Wedding

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