How can you control your blood pressure in 3 minutes?

We have gone through many challenges and problems during our lives. One of the most serious concerns is health diseases, which can worsen over time. Thousands of people around the world are solving blood pressure problems, and there is no permanent solution yet. High blood pressure is the cause of many heart attacks, heart rhythm disorders and other related diseases. The medications we take can take many hours to work, so this is not the best solution for someone who needs immediate help. So today we will tell you the medicine and how to control high blood pressure in less than 3 minutes.


High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that pushes blood through your arteries at high pressure because it causes some problems such as heart disease. The more blood your heart pumps through your arteries, the more your arteries narrow.

high blood pressure

It is important for everyone to control their blood pressure to prevent any illness or serious health problem. The best solution is to actually practice, it may seem unnatural, but it really is. There is an exercise that can reduce the symptoms of hypertension in less than 3 minutes.

How can you lower your blood pressure in 3 minutes?

Medications will take you a few minutes to help you and have an effect on your body, while exercise can help you in 3 minutes. Not okay? There is a real hand exercise that can help you control your blood pressure just by sitting and holding your hand. Let us know in detail how this can help with cases.

Isometric exercise handle

Isometric gripping is a solution recommended by many doctors and has proven successful in various studies. This hand-holding technique can help lower your blood pressure for a few minutes as it can affect your systolic blood pressure. It can also be used as a daily measure to control blood pressure, but it is necessary to consult your doctor as a precautionary measure. How can you use the isometric handle to monitor blood pressure?

The basic thing is to squeeze and loosen the handles at regular intervals. But there must be a specific technique when it comes to controlling blood pressure. Here is the method you should use –

Place your thumb on one side of the gripper and the other fingers on the other side

Now hold the gripper so that your lower palm also touches the gripper but does not lift

Next, you must press the gripper with your thumb and the first three fingers

Do it slowly, do not rush and release the grip

Do this regularly for about a minute and then rest


If this isometric grip exercise is performed regularly, it can lower your blood pressure in just 2-3 minutes. It can also have many effects that can control your blood pressure and reduce it to 8 to 10 mmHg. Avoid a hypertensive crisis, so consult your doctor before including it in your routine. You can also perform this exercise with a soft ball.

Risk factors for hypertension

There are several factors that can increase the risk of hypertension and blood pressure problems. Some common risks are –

Live a sedentary lifestyle

Obesity or overweight

Drinking too much alcohol

Eat more processed foods and beverages

Due to genetic factors

Extensive smoking

Tips to prevent high blood pressure control

1. Have regular medical check-ups

Every few months you need to go for a medical examination. This is true for those who do not have major health or heart problems. People with diabetes or heart disease should have a medical examination at least once a month. They should also have a blood pressure monitor and gluco meter for daily measurement and control.

2. Salt intake should be minimized

Sodium above the required amount can be very harmful to cardiac patients or people with blood pressure problems. Adding salt to your diet can cause health problems and increase blood pressure. Instead of adding salt to your food, try adding other herbs.


3. Stay active and engage in some physical activity

Maintaining your physical activity can reduce the risk of blood pressure problems and help you control your problems. Exercise can keep your heart healthy and keep you going. Try to do some sports activity or exercise regularly for 30 minutes.

4. Avoid processed or greasy foods

Fatty foods can increase the amount of fat that builds up in blood fats and increase the risk of hypertension. Smoking and drinking can also increase blood pressure and lead to a sudden heart attack. That you should avoid eating food, especially for people who suffer from any heart disease.

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