How Stopping sugar consumption affects your health?

Once that passes, you’ll feel more energetic, focused, and calm, Quebbemann says.

The tenets of a healthy diet are subject to a lot of debate. The vegan philosophy emphasizes avoiding animal products, while the keto philosophy is more interested in eating fat. There is, however, one food people of almost every dietary preference have in common: sugar.

Getting rid of the sweet stuff can be a challenge, since it’s present in unsuspecting places, such as tomatoes, crackers, and veggie burgers. Regardless, if you do eliminate added sugars from your diet, you’ll almost immediately see the benefits, says Dr Eric Pham of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Anaheim, California.

After a week, your blood pressure will be lower, as well as your fat and insulin levels in the blood will be more balanced.

The amount of sugar you consume and whether you consume carbs will determine how your body reacts to reduced sugar consumption. Carbohydrates are the source of simple sugars.

Nevertheless, how would you feel if you eliminated all foods that are high in glycaemic index, as the keto and no-carb, no-sugar diets advocate?

A bariatric surgeon in California, Dr Brian Quebbemann, warns desert lovers: “You’re going to have a tough three days.”

Eat muffins for breakfast, dessert for dinner, and you’re most likely to dream of doughnuts. Our brains cannot function without sugar.

Insulin, responsible for controlling glucose levels, drops during this process. You won’t experience sugar highs and crashes, Quebbemann claims. The first few days will be tiring and lethargic, but those feelings will soon pass. In response to adrenaline, the body breaks down glycogen, or sugar, stored in your muscles. Quebbemann says this is absorbed pretty quickly into the bloodstream.

He promises that you will complete the process in less than 24 hours.

Since your body no longer needs glucose, your liver will produce ketones from fat within three to five days. It’s at this point that your body enters fat-burning mode or ketosis.

When you’re in ketosis after cutting out sugar, you lose a lot of water. Therefore, you could experience muscle cramps. Keto flu occurs when people suffer headaches, fatigue and cramps for about a week.

Once that passes, you’ll feel more energetic, focused, and calm, Quebbemann says.

Sugar and high-glycaemic foods are commonly restricted for short periods to lose weight. Doctors are unclear about how healthy this is long-term, Quebbemann explains.

Doctors often recommend eating complex carbohydrates because they are healthy. It is entirely normal and healthy for them to be broken down into sugar, says Quebbemann.

Keeping your insulin levels in check is possible by omitting added sugars while you eat complex carbohydrates.

The headaches don’t happen to you. The crashes don’t happen to you. There’s consistency in your energy level,” he says.

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