How to Build a Prefab Swimming Pool for Your Modular House

The construction phase begins with the design phases. Once the industry experts have completed the project, the remaining phases can be finished by competent employees.

According to the panelized homes Oregon Specialists, Quality products are essential at every stage of pool construction. It is a team effort that combines all of the knowledge and professionalism needed to complete installation.

Each stage is meticulously and carefully managed. These explanations will show you step-by-step how to build prefabricated swimming pools.


Project phase

The project phase is the first phase. The first phase is to determine the area that will be used for the pool. The area is measured in detail.

A team of professionals designed a swimming pool based on the client’s requirements. This stage is where all the details, such as the color, marble, and mosaic, are finalized.

The customer’s requests and requirements are met when the project details are finalized. Experts in the field complete technical and project drawings.


Excavation phase

After the project details, the excavation is the most important detail. Excavation work is done in the excavation area to make sure that the pool is properly filled and correctly set up.

Excavations are made at a depth of approximately 10 meters beyond the designated pond’s depth. This allows for more space in the stone base material.


Prefabricated pool floor phase

The floor is made level by placing gravel on it. The floor is then given rust and the steel mesh is laid. The tank’s bottom is filled with concrete about 20 cm after the excavation. The concrete is poured into the tank. Let the concrete dry.


Positioning the plumbing and pool floor

It is assembled correctly when the prefabricated swimming pool has been brought to the area. The concrete floor is fixed to the rear support legs that support and support the pool.

The engine room can be found at the pool’s edge. The plumbing work begins. These processes are all performed using our methods. This prevents many problems from occurring.


Fill in the stage

Once the pool has reached the right level, it is time to fill the stones outside of the pool. The process of filling water and filler begins at this point. This allows you to regulate the pressure. This is another favorite method.


The installation phase of the pool flooring

The base is first covered with steel panels. Next, non-slip felt is applied. Steel panels for walls are faster and more affordable. A 1.5cm liner is a ready-made coating material that begins the coating process. Multiple layers of cladding are applied to the lining.

We then pass over the junction points. Special robots are used to attach the floor. The cladding material seals all parts of the system.

Design phase and use phase for the pool

The pool is now filled with water. Pouring the special concrete used to make the patio is done. Additional drawings are done in the pool by the customer. The customer can request that environmental concrete be poured.

You can then use the pool as often as you like. You should have enough water in the pool. Check that the pump and filtration system is operating.

The walls and floors are not cleaned as much because the facing material is used. The pool is then delivered to the customer after all the checks. Also, If you are in Oregon, you may want to know about Oregon prefab cabins.


The advantages of prefabricated pools

Prefabricated pools offer many advantages, including a lower cost and a shorter construction time. Prefabricated pools are less expensive than reinforced concrete pools.

Also, Prefabricated pools are more efficient than concrete and vinyl pools in long-term heat saving. Construction is faster than reinforced concrete and vinyl pools.

  • Prefabricated pools are more cost-effective.
  • Prefabricated pools offer better thermal insulation.
  • Prefabricated pools provide a better seal.
  • Prefabricated pools are easier to clean.
  • Prefabricated pools can be repaired more affordably.


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