How to Optimize your website for Featured Snippet

What Exactly are Featured Snippets?

The expanded snippets on the first page of Google SERPs are known as Featured Snippets. The main goal of Google Featured snippets is to answer the user’s question in the search results. Every SEO professional strives to own featured snippets for their content.

Why do Featured Snippets Matter in Rankings?

Featured snippets are specific search results that appear at the top of Google” organic results, below the ads in a box. On the first page, it has a “zero position” that displays the answers to your questions. As a result, the primary reason for their existence is to provide solutions to people’s questions. Of course, it benefits both those seeking answers and those providing answers.

Some search queries may include featured snippets that begin with words like” who,” where,” what,” when,” how,” and so on if you provide content in a featured snippet, your click-through rate will increase.

Four different types of Featured Snippets

When optimizing for featured snippets, you must first understand the various featured snippets available.

Snippets from the paragraph type account for 70% of featured snippets, with an average of 42 words and 250 characters. Most featured snippet titles begin with “what” or “why,” indicating that they are primarily informative.

  • Snippets from the Listicle

An average of 19% of featured snippets are of the Listicle type, with an average of 6 items and 44 words. The featured snippets in Listicle are derived from the” how” and “why” keyword terms. They are your go-to topics for getting featured snippets quickly.

  • Snippets from the Table

Tablets account for approximately 6.3 percent of featured snippets. They have five rows and two columns, each with 40 to 45 words. Mark up relevant content in a table format using HTML table tags to optimize for this type of featured snippet.

  • Snippets from video

A video featured snippet is the way to go if your target audience consumes a lot of video content.

How to optimize your website for featured snippets?

  • Take note of on-page SEO

The primary step for featured snippets is on-page SEO optimization. With optimized content, you should provide the best answer to users.

  • Perform keyword research

Begin with keyword research, an old but effective method of On-page SEO. It’s crucial to make your content optimised for featured snippets. You may use some tools like Ahrefs and Serpstat may be of assistance because they provide search queries that return featured results.

  • Snippets from competitors

Everything revolves around it. When it comes to featured snippets, this is also something you should do. Find featured snippets that your competitors are currently ranking. While looking for all these things, you might want to see if Google is presently displaying featured snippets for keywords that you already rank high.

  • Determine which phrases you already rank high for

Asking your customers or website visitors how they search and which questions they ask is a traditional way of determining your top-performing search queries. Make a search scenario and distribute it via social media. The main point is to have your followers type keywords they would use.

Another way to start optimization is to identify which phrases you already rank highly. You can look for these metrics in the Google search console. It provides hints about search queries that result in clicks. To access that report, go to the Google search console and navigate to “Search Traffic” and “search analytics.”

  • In your content, address similar questions.

Once a page is featured, it will likely be featured for various related queries. In this case, you should try to address some questions in your content. Ensure that your article is well-structured for answering related questions.

  • For the same question, use different phrasings.

So, writing in-depth articles that address a wide range of related issues is an excellent way to increase your chances of being featured. Furthermore, Google now ranks long-form content higher, most likely because people can find many relevant answers in a single piece. As a result, you should ask questions in your subheadings and respond quickly. Google favors content that provides the best user experience. It is also the key to obtaining featured snippets.

  • Include” how-to” sections in your website

Some search queries begin with the phrase “how-to,” which is why you should similarly productively redesign your site. With” how to” search questions, people typically ask for precisely what they want. In this case, your content should provide an exact answer to that specific search query. By incorporating” how-to” phrases into your content, you hope to convey the message that your content will solve problems.

  • Should enquire queries based on their content structure

As you know, Google values paragraphs, lists, and tables in well-structured content. As a result, you should structure your content similarly. Users should be able to find what they need in your content by using lists. Answers should be introduced in paragraphs by listings them with descriptive names and numbers. You should also include comparison charts and tables.

  • Use high-quality images and videos.

Your websites or offers should be accessible to people with different perception styles and multi-intelligence in this case, high-quality images should accompany your text-based messages. You can make your visuals more personalized by adding icons, frames, and shapes, or you can use a free canvas stock photo. If you use high-quality images, it boosts your conversation and improves your Google ranking.

When it comes to asking a specific question, videos have an incredible engagement rate. You can also use voice transcripts in high-quality video content to allow Google to use your text as a featured snippet.


Given that pages with featured snippets dominate search queries and this trend continues SEO consultant begin taking advantage of them. 

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