Incfile LLC – Why Use Incfile for Your Business Formation Needs?

When deciding on the best company to form your LLC or corporation, cost, convenience, and customer service are important factors. Incfile offers competitive pricing for their business formation services.

Their services include the preparation and filing of Articles of Organization, foreign qualification services, EIN obtaining, and more. They also offer learning center resources to help entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

Easy to Use

Incfile makes forming an LLC or corporation less intimidating for new business owners. Their most basic package is free and includes a full year of registered agent service. Their Gold package offers several more services that help small businesses succeed, such as banking resolution drafting and EIN filing.

Their turnaround times are much faster than most competitors and they do not charge extra for this advantage. They also have a variety of packages to fit different business needs.

They offer a convenient online dashboard to track compliance alerts and state paperwork. The lowest Silver-tier costs $0, plus the cost of your state filing fee, so you can save by selecting only the add-ons you need. Their Gold package also includes tax consultations that can help you set up a business bank account and discuss important tax information like write-offs. However, they do frequently try to up-sell services throughout the process, which may annoy some business owners.


Incfile is an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. They offer a starting price of $0 for their Silver package and only charge your state fee if you select add-ons. This helps avoid overpaying for services you don’t need and saves your business money.

The service also helps keep your business organized and up to date with regular compliance reminders and a storage system for documents that you have submitted. This feature is a huge help for busy business owners who may otherwise miss key deadlines or misplace important paperwork.

Incfile does try to upsell their services throughout the process, but they aren’t overly pushy like many other business formation services. They also provide useful Learning Center resources on their website covering everything from how to start a food truck to calculating sales tax. They even offer a free tool to estimate how long it will take your state to process your LLC’s Articles of Dissolution.


In addition to the basic LLC formation services, Incfile offers a number of other small business-related filings. This includes trademark registration, obtaining certificates of good standing, and changing company information. They also provide help with filing for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is required by the IRS for most businesses.

Additionally, Incfile provides a convenient online dashboard that concisely lists order statuses and key compliance deadlines for a variety of business services. It also allows users to track their progress through the state’s registration process.

The service’s packages also include additional add-ons, such as EIN obtainment and setting up a bank account. While these are helpful, the premium bundles come at a price. Choosing a simpler package that doesn’t include these extras may be more economical.

Customer Service

Unlike many competitors that offer limited packages with a la carte services, Incfile has one of the most comprehensive bundles in the industry. It also offers a free registration service that allows you to test the waters without committing to a full-service package.

The company also offers an online dashboard where customers can view alerts and status updates on orders. Other services that make Incfile stand out include banking resolution drafting (an important document that allows you to open a business bank account) and lifetime compliance alerts.

While Incfile has an extensive selection of services, some customer reviews raise concerns about their cancellation and refund policy. The company’s cancellation policies are buried under a lot of legalese and most of their yearly services renew automatically, so you need to be proactive about cancelling them. This can be a hassle for busy entrepreneurs that want to keep their business on track.

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