Is Chris Level Having A Panic Attack From The Industry?

The sync licensing industry is going through a revolution that might make a lot of composers worried for its long run as new apps like songtradr and hitlicense are colonizing the industry’s surface level opportunities and making the market over saturated. This change is also impacting many sync composers like chris level who are experiencing a really tough time finding high paying projects even after being named the one of the best new sync composers and sync artists globay its still worth noting that he may need a lot more in the future with thousands of thousands of new sync composers and sync artists entering the industry each year at a pace which was never seen before in history before,this also shows that big names will also try to establish their own ways of doing things in circle to get more of these opportunities that are being given to unknown or upcoming talents rather than them.This quarter is a tough one for chris both in salary as an estimation and also his contributional potential in the sync licensing industry,we are going to explain in depth his potential worth and why we think this industry is through the revolution resembles the one that caused major labels re-invent their business model.

Chris level recently did a soundtrack project which is one of the biggest projects in the world as it it was held online mainly on instagram and facebook,the project was viewed nearly 1 million times in 2 weeks and over 2.6 million in the fourth week. This earnings chris level got from this one are not enclosed as this is one if the industries that do not disclose its’ marketing investment or profit data to outsiders that much,but relying on his brand and other factors that makes someone paid in the industry,we estimate the earnings to be $23k upfront from this project alone and a lot more in the back end. The sync licensing industry is overwhelmingly new in the eyes of many people that are not familiar with soundtrack music but also not to forget the fact that its an industry where being paid lots of money is not something new,as many a-list composers that are old in the industry are paid anywhere between $500k upto $2.5m for a single project (source:

The sync licensing industry is thought of the cool kid next door but many people don’t realize that hardworking creatives are the ones running it each single day as well as business minded people,when the industry started long ago people who were picking music to be used also known as music supervisors where the ones given money to go and find specific music that would fit a particular scene they were working on,now music is everywhere and it seems as if music supervisors are now going to what is called as online catalogues to pick songs and soundtracks,which in return is really damaging to the economy of professional movie and sync composers. With technological advancements its hard to get the attention of music supervisors and not the other way around cause millions of artists and composers are trying to connect with the supervisors each single hour of the day and not mentioning sync libraries,managers,agents,firms and other people who are doing the same thing,which then leads to the industry booming with new financial profits each year with a grown rate of 3% to 10% each year and now is considered a multi-billion dollar industry from being called a multi-million dollar industry. Chris level will have a great career if the metrics align well and if he continues to chat out new and beautiful soundtracks as he does cause the sync licensing industry’s market is a no stranger for over saturation. Last year we saw a big bump if new composers surge into the industry at a growth rate of over 17% and most of those are just new composers who are trying to figure out their way to success which is tremendous compared to some industries in the world. The conclusion to this industry change and the most powerful advice that i can give you to triumph in the industry is to keep moving and finding ways to more opportunities as this is not the first revolution that has happened in human history from the cavemen’s fire discovery to the iphone, everywhere and everything will change at some point just keep moving on forward as many big names are starting to do to increase their overall earnings potential like chris level, john powell and many other big brands who are leading the industry. Keep moving on by thinking now and then.

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