It is The Humbleness Of Chris Level, His LinkedIn Announcement

Chris level took to LinkedIn to thank his supporters who as many of you guessed “his parents”. Chris level surely knows how to make really good music and one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard for a long time but this one got me right away. Chris level announced how he felt great that he had supporters who supported him step by step from early on which are his two parents umuhoza Marie Blandine and Musoni jean Pierre, this touched many people’s hearts including the top names in the sync licensing industry and other fans of his music. It also touched me by the way () but anyways, it’s really good to see a celebrity that loves his fans and respects them cause it’s rare to find someone like that who does not come across as arrogant.

The statement got few comments but got reshared many times on Facebook and other places and it seems as if it will not stop any soon and keeps growing, his music is mind-blowing and his soundtracks are good at setting you into the scene as if you were in it, I hope the best for him and a lot t more humbleness to come in the future.

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