lack of calcium, remember these 4 food sources

Calcium-Rich Food: It is vital to have a satisfactory measure of calcium in the body to keep up with great well-being. Here are a few things that are wealthy in calcium and can undoubtedly turn into a piece of your eating regimen.

Calcium-Rich Eating regimen: Absence of calcium debilitates bones.

extraordinary things

Teeth also become feeble because of an absence of calcium.

Calcium is fundamental for keeping up with well-being.

Along these lines, consume calcium.

Good Food: Calcium is required for the body to appropriately work. Lack of calcium can cause debilitating bones as well as issues connected with teeth, broken nails and unsteadiness and so on. Thusly, a satisfactory measure of calcium should be there in the eating regimen. At the point when the absence of calcium in the body isn’t satisfied, then it begins taking calcium from the bones, because of which the bones become significantly more vulnerable. Coming up next are some calcium-rich food sources that you can remember for your eating regimen.


125 mg of calcium is found in around 100 grams of milk. On the off chance that you don’t stress over the fat substance, then, at that point, you can drink a glass of cow’s milk every day. It will satisfy the lack of calcium in your body. Yoghurt can also be consumed.


Ragi is wealthy in calcium. In 100 grams of ragi, there is 344 to 364 mg of calcium for example more calcium is found in it than in milk. It has numerous different advantages for wellbeing.

grown moong

Aside from being wealthy in protein, grew moong is also wealthy in calcium. It tends to be eaten as a serving of mixed greens or with eggs. It is also known to diminish body weight.


Jaggery is eaten in various ways. You may be astounded to be aware, that 100 grams of jaggery contain 1638 milligrams of calcium. You can get a lot of calcium even by eating a little jaggery every day.

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