Let's understand different factors of the MOT test

MOT is the abbreviation of Ministry of Transportation which consists of several checks that are inspected by the authority so as to see that your car is in a condition to drive and it is fulfilling the requirements set by the government. When the car completes its three years then the MOT test registration is done. The first and foremost step is getting the booking done at the garage that has an authorized certification for conducting the test. 

Well depending on the vehicle, the test timing varies as the technicians check the condition of the vehicle.

MOT checks-

  • 1. Headlight and Indicators- 

  • 2. Brake lights

  • 3. Number plate- 

  • 4. Wheels and Tyre

  • 5. Seat and Seat belts

  • 6. Windscreen Wipers

  • 7. Windscreen

  • 8. Horn

  • 9. Fuel and engine oil

MOT defect categories-

There are several faults that can be classified as minor, major dangerous, and advisory. Advisories and minor faults do not result in MOT failure whereas major and dangerous faults lead to immediate failure. But still, there are some measures that can fix these problems car service Coventry.

Minor Defect-  Minor fault is one of a kind of defect that doesn’t cause failure in a test because they are not that serious. The functions that are working in the right way have a small flaw. Also, minor faults are rare, worn, or damaged and are more likely to be classified as major faults and advisory problems. 

Pre-MOT checks can help you save time and money by helping you avoid minor faults that could in return be costly. Check your car before the test. 

Major Defect- Major faults are those that are considered to be dangerous for the vehicle. Any serious MOT flaws will lead to immediate failure, and you won’t be able to pass the test until these problems are fixed. A major fluid leakage in the exhaust system is considered a major defect. Fix these flaws as soon as possible as it’s crucial because they directly create higher safety risks. 


Dangerous Defect- A dangerous defect will lead to instant failure, making it the most severe cause. Any potential harmful flaws need to be fixed immediately. These flaws can include broken road wheels or heavy-worn brake lining or pads.

If these issues are not resolved then your car won’t be ready to drive safely.

Advisory Defect- A fault may be reported to an advisory by a MOT Coventry tester if they think it may become clear in the near future. Also, an adequate MOT tester will notify you of any advisories. If you don’t fix these issues then it would lead to higher risk in terms of safety and comfort of the drivers.  If you don’t rectify these issues it won’t fail your MOT but it will fail your future MOT test.


MOT Retest-

A complete test that is performed is the following MOT Test in which is known as Retest, it only checks the components of your car that failed in the MOT test. Driving the car anywhere is not allowed, so you can only drive it to a garage for repairs and retest if your current MOT certificate hasn’t expired. The mechanic will verify during a MOT retest that repairs have resolved the cause of malfunctioning. There are many different kinds of flaws like doors, mirrors, tyres, wheels, and indicators. An MOT retest does not need to be scheduled separately. After the needed work is finished, the garage will finish the retest and give you a certificate of MOT pass. 


Appeal on failed MOT test- 

If your vehicle is failed in MOT then you need to discuss it with your test centers before getting it repaired.  You can file a complaint form to the Driver and Vehicle Safety Authority(DVSA) within 14 working days if you feel like your result is wrong. 

For furthermore appeal discussion DVSA will contact you within 5 working days. 

DVSA will always consider your request to recheck your vehicle but the condition is that you have to arrange a date and have to pay the full fee for the test again. 

After that, if your request of appeal is successful then your full test fee will be refunded. This process should take place only when you are confident enough that your vehicle has passed the original test. If the MOT tester justified the failure of the vehicle then you have to pay the repair, the original test, and with that two retest fees.  

MOT and Service Altogether 

MOT and service together are more convenient and cost-effective as availing them differently will cost you way too expensive. Individual nowadays focuses more on saving money and time, so traveling hours to avail these requirements is an easier method to do it all together. If you get the fuel checked frequently then it will be easier to keep the history record, so all together these services provide you an add-on advantage to perform more conveniently and cost-effectively. 



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