Maintainance & Care Of Elegant Shower Trays

An enclosure and shower tray can bring a touch of luxury to any bathroom, whether small or large. However, one of the essential points to be aware of after buying and installing the enclosure and tray for a shower is to clean and keep the unit in good condition.

Shower Tray & Enclosure Cleaning

The most crucial guideline for cleaning your enclosure and shower tray is 

not to use harsh chemicals or scrubbers. These products could scratch the enclosure’s plastic panels, wear down the gel coating of your shower tray, and eventually scratch the resin or acrylic surface beneath it as well as scratch the frame of aluminum of your enclosure system, taking off any colors and pitting the steel.

The most efficient way to keep your enclosures and shower trays clean is to clean them every week using a household cleaner or detergent. Use a soft sponge or cloth to keep from scratching the surfaces. This is an excellent method to remove soap scum and keep the hard water stains from forming. This routine cleaning helps keep your enclosure and tray neat and will eliminate the need for more intensive cleaning after a couple of months of accumulation. There are also a variety of sprays for showers that are available daily on the market that you can spray on the wall of your shower trays and shower to prevent any buildup from developing. For trays coated with gel, there are a variety of wax-like products available in the market that you can apply each month to keep the surface glossy.

Shower Tray & Enclosure Maintenance

One of the most important actions to follow when maintenance is concerned is regularly examining your seals. A damaged seal in the tray can lead to possible water accumulation beneath and could cause mildew and mold issues. A leaky seal in the enclosure panel may cause water to leak onto the floor during showers. If you spot the presence of a leak or seal that shows signs of wear, you must take the necessary steps to fix it right away.

In addition to regular sealing and cleaning, Shower enclosures and shower trays are relatively easy to maintain with little effort.

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