Manual System Vs Hassle-Free Online Admission Process

Facilitating admissions is one of the key tasks of schools, colleges and higher educational institutes; they have an aim of a higher rate of enrollment. However, carrying out admission traditionally can take a considerable amount of time, especially when the admission admin staff has to deal with several processes at the same time. Moreover, during college admission, students encounter many issues such as procedural delays or re-doing the whole process from the beginning due to some error. 

Therefore, institutes have been integrating an automated system to carry out the enrollment process; let’s look at the major differences between the manual and online admissions process. 

                             Manual admission system VS Online admission system 

             Manual admission system 

             Online admission system 

Students need to enquire about the admission details by visiting the institute premises. Also, they need to carry out the entire admission process by physically submitting the required documents. Hence, if there is an error in the documentation process, they need re-do it. 

The online admission system provides the best user experience by enabling the student to access it via smartphone, tablet or computer. Instead of travelling to the school or college campus, they submit their applications online. 

The admin department needs to manually arrange the student-related documents while processing the applications of several students.

Consequently, the task is time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Schools and higher educational institutes like colleges and universities can save time and effort. Also, the admission automation tool enables to store vital student information, files and documents easily. As they can save all the data and information in the cloud database, it becomes easy to share and retrieve information without any unnecessary hassle. 

Therefore, the institutes do not need to rely on manpower to process applications and manage admissions. 

As per the manual or traditional system, the students need to fill out the registration forms and submit them to the institute premises. Following this, they need to submit the fees and all the documents. 

The students can self-register online and apply for the preferred course via the institute’s student portal. Besides, they can also upload the scanned documents and pay the registration fees online. 

An institute receives many applications, which leads to managing massive loads of paperwork. Hence, it is possible that the admin who is handling the application and enrollment process makes a mistake along the way. 

The online system ensures that every step of the enrollment process goes smoothly. The team can simply oversee the admission process and make necessary adjustments when needed. For example, after the application process, they announce the selected candidates via uploading a list online and sending notifications to the students. 

Students have to wait in a queue to retrieve the registration forms and admission forms. Following the admission tests, they need to come on assigned dates to check if their names are on the list of selected candidates. 

The traditional or manual system requires students to come to the campus for any information. 

The online system integrated with the ERP solution enabling to send out timely notifications to students. Similarly, it enables the institute to track application history and status and send automatic email alerts and reminders across the website and mobile devices. 

Also, it enables the admin to send personalised information to particular students. 

Students are not able to know the status of their admission up until they ask the admin department. 

The online admission system carries out the entire process without any delays. Furthermore, it sends timely updates regarding scheduling follow-ups and interviews. 

At the same time, the system enables the students to keep track of their application process. 

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