MOT and Car Repair Services

Car repair services and MOT does seem a bit the same but are way different from one another. First and foremost, MOT is a mandatory test whereas a car service is a non-compulsory service for repairing the vehicle. Each of them has its advantages and is very important. If you think getting an MOT since it is compulsory is enough, you are wrong.

A car repair service ensures that non of the components of the vehicle is malfunctioning or can cause potential issues. A regular car repair service isn’t mandatory but is essential as it allows your vehicle to perform optimally. The car repair service enhances the vehicle’s efficiency to deliver an exhilarating driving experience. Car Repair Bolton not only helps you with repairing but also prepares your vehicle for the MOT test.

MOT is a compulsory test by the UK government as per DVSA. It is a thorough checking of the vehicle internally and externally for any issues. Testers can help you with the minor issues but more issues mean you will fail your MOT test. The main purpose of an MOT test is to confirm if your vehicle is roadworthy.

Importance MOT Test

It is a common question that why MOT is important if we are getting a regular car service. The answer is simple “safety”. MOT tests ensure your safety as well as other drivers and pedestrians on the road. A small malfunction of your vehicle can cost you and others much more than spending on the MOT test.

For instance, a small scratch on your vehicle’s body exposes it to moisture in the air. It can cause corrosion which can further spread to the other parts of the vehicle. Now if you get your MOT test, you need to prepare for it which means you will make sure there is no such scratch on your vehicle exposed to corrosion. This helps you on the road as your vehicle won’t malfunction because of this and hence won’t cause trouble to your fellow drivers.

Apart from this MOT is mandatory which means if you are driving without an MOT certificate you will have to pay a heavy fine. Driving with a failed MOT is also prohibited. The only case when it is fine to drive without an MOT certificate is when you are going for the MOT Test Bolton. Mot test helps you with your MOT test. If there are any minor issues the operators will try their best to help you but if your vehicle has major issues they have no choice but to fail you. In that case, you will have to take the MOT test again. So preparing beforehand for the MOT test is very important.

What All Is Included In The MOT Test?

As we understood above MOT is a precautionary test which is why there are 23,500 MOT test stations including 66,000 testers. If you maintain your vehicle regularly it will be easy for you to clear your test. It just takes an hour for the testers to examine your vehicle. However, if not maintained regularly, it might take more than an hour to check the vehicle.

The following list covers what is in the MOT test. Makes sure to check everything twice so that there is no potential problem.

  • It is better to have a clutter-free cabin as it can hinder your driving.
  • Your vehicle’s body must be scratch free so that there is no possible rust to spread.
  • The windows and mirrors must be clean and free from any kind of damage.
  • The chain of the seatbelt must be working properly. The lock must also be free from any obstruction.
  • The door of the vehicle must lock and open from both inside and outside including the bones.
  • The lights on the dashboard, indicator, headlights, fog lights etc must all be in working condition.
  • The tread of the tyres must be above 1.6mm. if they are near 1.6mm, get them a replacement before the MOT test.
  • The brake system of the vehicle must be rust-free and wearing-free for proper functioning.
  • Make sure that your wheels have proper balancing and alignment to avoid any troubles.
  • The horn must not play multiple notes. It should also be audible to the driver in another car.
  • The exhaust emission should not throw out visible smock as it can fail the test.
  • If you have a tow bar, make sure it is rust-free.
  • Always have your vehicle’s authentic identification when going for an MOT test.


Going for a car repair service a few days before your MOT test is very much recommended. It helps rectify any possible issue which might fail your test. Do not take this leniently as it is for your own benefit. We offer our help for you to pass your MOT test with flying colours. Visit or call us for more assistance, we will be happy to help you.

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