None Other can be Compared to Different Coloured Roses for your

  • Rose – Beauty, sweet fragrance, red colour, a bouquet, smiles, happiness, dew drops, and everything pretty, isn’t it? The fact is that roses are nothing short of a synonym for love and beauty, no matter which country you go to, no matter which religion you follow, no matter which culture you are a part of, and no matter what occasion it is, you’d always find roses somewhere or the other, you might see them in bouquets, you might see them in the decorations, and you might see them as a part of a lot of people’s attire. The best part is that this kind of packaged flower, which has all the unique traits, is available in many colours. Yes, roses are special, but their different colours add more meaning to their existence at a place or with a person. Though all love roses, they are a little more special to women, the reason is unknown, but women can go from 0 to 100 on the happiness scale after receiving a bouquet of roses or even a single rose. 

    The women include the special women of your life, your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter, your niece, your sister, your girl best friend, and your mothers. Having a mother is like breathing. You don’t pay attention to it as it has the most continuous presence in our life. However, mothers are the most special women in your life. We almost forget to acknowledge, appreciate, and express our love to her, but the day called mother’s day is one of the opportunities that you get to show your mother what she means to you. You might start mother’s day by gifting her flowers personally, or can send flowers to India to her, or send flowers from India to abroad, or anywhere, you might also send her or give her gifts, or get a cake for her. You might plan everything to make mother’s day one of the most memorable days, but you mostly miss the little things that could make a huge difference. Gifts and cakes are fine, but how much attention do you pay to the flowers you present to her? You just like one, order it and give it to her. Right?

    But that shouldn’t be the case; sending mother’s day flowers is not the problem; selecting which ones to give is a task. You might want to give her a bouquet of roses because that’s the only flower that resembles her personality and nature, but did you know different colours of roses also represent different emotions? Picking the right colour for the roses is also very important. Many of you might not know their meanings, but we have you all backed up on this. Here’s a list of different colours of roses and what they symbolize:  

    1. The Right White: White roses are considered the purest and the most positive ones out of all the rose colours available. They look sensitive, genuine in nature, and blissful. White roses also signify new beginnings. They also convey respect and gratitude towards someone, and giving them to your mother on mother’s day is like a letter of how much you respect her, how much you love her, and how thankful you are for her existence in your life. 

    1. The Yellow Fellow: Yellow roses are bright. They are like a big ball of positivity, warmth, compassion, and care. Yellow roses are the most appealing ones; your eyes will get locked on them as soon as you see them. Giving a bouquet of yellow roses on mother’s day to your mother is a way of thanking her for all the love, care, warmth, comfort, and positivity she’s provided you throughout your life, and that she’s the biggest blessing of your life.  

    1. The Peach Speech: Peach-colored roses are nothing short of bliss. They represent adoration, genuineness, passion, gratitude, pride, and elegance. Giving a bouquet of peach roses to your mother on mother’s day means you are proud of her and grateful to her for everything. It means you genuinely love her and having her in your life is one of the biggest motivations you can ever have. Her presence is what keeps you going. 

    1. The Pink Link: Pink roses are the biggest symbol of grace and admiration. They also symbolize appreciation. They look so gentle as if they’ve just arrived on earth from the seventh heaven’s garden of angels. Giving a bouquet of pink roses to your mother on mother’s day means you admire her the most. She’s the one person because you are a good human in life, and try to be better every day. It also represents that she’s the most graceful woman you’ve ever known and will ever know. Besides that, it also symbolizes that you appreciate how much she’s done for the family and handled life so beautifully. 

    1. The Red Said: Nothing can express an “I love you” better than a bouquet of red roses, and that’s one thing that means the world to someone if it’s said to them. You think of love. A bouquet of red roses will suddenly pop up in your imagination. You need to say nothing else when you’re giving your mother a bouquet of red roses on mother’s day because each petal, leaf, and rose will sing a love song for her, and the strings that would be connected from your heart to hers. 

    Mothers are a true representation of roses in a human form, and they are soft, polite, kind, caring, beautiful, positive, and lovable. A bouquet of roses is not just a bouquet. And it’s a poem. It’s an expression of what’s in your heart that no words can never justify. Despite so many gifts available in the world, the impact roses would make on your mother on a day like a mother’s day compares to nothing, just as your mother can be compared to nothing. She’s one in the entire universe. She sure is!        

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