Not Getting Verification Code? Try These Fixes

The codes are sent from various programs, devices, and websites in order to confirm that it’s you,  but if you have any issue with not receiving verification code texts iPhone, then you are not the one who faces the issue. My iPhone doesn’t receive verification texts, many people report this complaint and you must want to know how to fix the issue.

Well, this article will take you to the methods to fix the issue of not receiving verification texts iPhone. 

Reasons for Not Receiving Verification Codes on My iPhone 

Before moving to resolve the issue of why cant i receive verification codes on my iPhone, let’s have a look at the causes behind the issue of not receiving verification code texts iPhone

  • The email address or phone number you have provided may be incorrect

  • There might be the possibility that the email service you are using has been blocked by such messages

  • The phone you are using may have blocked receiving the message.

  • Slow or interrupted internet connection may be the culprit for not receiving verification code texts iPhone

  • Insufficient storage space in your mailbox may be the reason for not getting the verification code on your phone.

How to Fix the Not receiving Verification Code on your Phone

Whatever may be the reason behind the issue, you just want to fix my iPhone doesn’t receive verification texts issue, then here are the ways to resolve the issue.

  • Switch off your phone and restart it again, you may be able to resolve the issue

  • Next, you can turn on airplane mode and turn it off again

  • Check all the apps and antivirus that are  installed on your device, whether they are working properly or not

  • An obsolete version of IOS may hinder receiving the verification code, hence, update to the latest version to get rid of the issue

  • Make sure you have not blocked receiving message verification on your device

These methods are common and working, hence, try all these methods to get rid of the issue of not receiving verification texts iPhone. If still, you are unable to fix the issue, you must contact the help support team.

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