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You probably already know how significant business blogging is and how it benefits your SEO efforts if you have a blog. Do you know any search engine optimization techniques that you can use to improve the search engine rankings of your blog posts?

Blogs offer an immense amount of marketing potential, but many bloggers fail to take advantage of it. Interestingly, a recent study by shows that 30% of business blogs are not updated in the past year, despite 60% of businesses owning blogs! You can take advantage of many advantages of blogging by posting fresh, relevant content and optimising your posts.

Blogging as a Business Benefit

Below are a couple of quick points to consider if you’re not aware of how business blogging benefits your business:

  • Traffic from blog posts will result in more leads for your business website.
  • By building links, you will become more visible in search engines.
  • The posts you write for your blog can be reused for your Google My Business and social media platforms.
  • Writing blog posts increases traffic to your website over time.
  • Content posted on blogs delivers the highest level of conversions (above email, eBooks, and white papers).

You can’t afford to miss out on this easy opportunity to bring more traffic to your website and draw in more interested leads if you run a small to medium-sized business.

Search Engine Optimization for Blog Posts

The following tips help your blog become more visible in search engines (SEO).

1. Research your topic. On-page optimization relies heavily on keyword research. By providing valuable content on a topic, you may be naturally including keywords without realizing it. It is nevertheless possible to discover relevant keywords related to your blog post using several tools and techniques you may not have considered. Both Google Adwords Keyword Tool and offer great tools that allow you to find keywords for your topic, as well as spy on your competition to see what words and phrases they use to drive traffic to their sites.

2. Include keywords in your post. In addition to picking relevant and valuable keywords, it is also crucial to place them where people and search engines can see them. Try to place them where people and search engines can see them:

  • Description
  •        Meta descriptions and title tags
      • A list of headings and subheadings
      • A brief introduction
      • A conclusion
    • An anchor text (text linking to other relevant pages on your site)

You should be careful not to use keyword stuffing, which is the act of jamming so many keywords into your content that it becomes unreadable. Your blog followers will not only be irritated by this, but Google will also punish you. Put a few keywords strategically in your blog posts.

3. Make sure your images are optimized. Include keyword-rich descriptions of your photos in the alternate text when you add them to your blog.

4. Provide links to others. You should always include a link to the information you are referencing when you mention another blogger or article in your blog. Additionally, getting links back is good etiquette for bloggers. An important component of ranking higher on search engine results pages is having quality links.

5. Provide your readers with the option of subscribing. If possible, provide viewers with the option to sign up for your updates via email in addition to prominently placing RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons. Your new blog posts are automatically notified to your blog followers so they do not have to manually check your site for updates.

6. Make your blog posts more visible by using social media. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others allow you to connect with and communicate with potential and current customers. Are you posting content on these sites to promote your company? Free applications, such as Hootsuite, make it easy to post links to your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites with just a few clicks. Using these applications, you can even schedule your posts in advance.

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You can boost your search engine rankings, and increase web traffic and customer conversion rates by following these simple SEO tips.

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