Organic Pesticides Market Growth, Development and Demand Forecas

These days, awareness of people regarding various things has increased a lot, and this includes awareness regarding adverse effects of chemical pesticides on both plants and human health. Pesticides are utilized for protecting the crop from different organisms which may cause harm to it. Notwithstanding the purpose of these products, they cause immense harm to the crop itself since they are made up of toxic chemicals. In addition to this, if ingested by humans, pesticides can cause harm to the human health as well.

Owing to all this, the preference of consumers is now shifting towards organics products, which, in turn, is driving the demand for organic pesticides. Organic pesticides are non-toxic in nature and are made from natural ingredients, unlike traditional pesticides that are made synthetically. As per a report by P&S Intelligence, the global organic pesticides market is expected to progress at a substantial pace in the years to come.

The different types of organic pesticides are mineral, microbial, and botanical, out of which, the demand for microbial pesticides is predicted to be considerable in the years to come. These pesticides are produced from microbial agents including algae, bacteria, protozoans, virus, and fungi. Botanical pesticides, on the other hand, are made from plants, such as sabadilla, azadirachta indica, and rotenone. Mineral pesticides are of two types, namely lime-sulfur and sulfur. Some other types of organic pesticides are vegetable oil and biochemical pesticides.    

Among all the regions, North America is expected to emerge as a major organic pesticides market in the years to come. This is particularly ascribed to imposition of strict rules about the utilization of chemical-based pesticides in the region. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made it mandatory for all pesticides that are used on crops to comply with strict safety regulations, under the Food Quality Protection Act. It is because of this factor that the adoption of organic pesticides in North America is projected to rise in the near future.

Hence, the demand for organic pesticides is growing due to the harmful effects of conventional pesticides on human health and plants.

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