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At Blog Mags, Our goal is to provide the most effective online tools for independent journalists and writers worldwide and impact the future of online media. As of today, Blog Mags powers some of the largest, most ambitious websites in the world. Start-up blogs and large organisations alike use Blog Mags to power a wide range of websites. A free core application and a premium platform as a service have enabled us to build a sustainable business.


At this end, we’re just a bunch of weird, fun-loving human beings that enjoy exploring new technologies. Every effort we make is based on the core principle that we aim to create as much freedom as possible in the world.

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Blog Mags is the world’s leading free guest posting website, and delivers a daily mix of news, advice and inspiration for creative people: including Health & fitness, Ayurveda, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

By providing you with the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies, we aim to keep you current on the latest global design trends, remind you what makes great creative work, advise you on the right tools for your tasks, and ultimately help you create your best work.