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Travelling by train in India can be an incredible experience filled with diverse landscapes, cultural encounters, and memorable journeys. However, keeping track of your journey, especially when it comes to the PNR status check, Indian Railway time table chart, and managing meals on the go, can sometimes be challenging. Enter RailMitra – a comprehensive platform simplifying the travel experience for train passengers across India.

Introduction to PNR Status Check

What is PNR?

A Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a unique number assigned to every train ticket booked through Indian Railways. It contains crucial information about the passenger’s journey, such as the ticket details, seat number, and journey status.

The importance of checking PNR status cannot be overstated. It helps passengers stay informed about the status of their train journey, including the confirmation of their seats, any potential changes in the schedule, or even cancellations.

RailMitra, a leading travel assistance platform, offers a convenient way to check PNR status along with several other travel-related services.

What Is All Information Embedded in Your PNR?

PNR is your digital identification number containing details of passengers, travel class, reservation status, train number and name etc. It stores

Railway Passengers’ Details: Name, age and gender of the train passenger

  • Date of Journey

  • Train Name and Number

  • Train fare Details

  • Class of travel (1 AC, 2 AC, CC, SL, etc.)

  • Coach, seat number, and quota

  • Booking status (whether it is waitlisted, confirmed RAC, etc. at the time of reservation)

  • Current status (whether it is waitlisted, confirmed RAC, etc. at the time of checking)

  • IRCTC Ticket Auto Upgradation Scheme Details

  • Coach and Seat Number Details

  • From (Source Station)

  • To (Destination Station)

  • Boarding point

  • Journey Duration

Understanding the Indian Railway Time Table Chart

The Indian Railway time table chart serves as a comprehensive schedule that outlines the departure and arrival times of trains across various routes and stations. It’s an indispensable tool for travellers, providing them with essential information about train schedules, stops, and routes.

This detailed chart assists passengers in planning their journeys effectively, ensuring they reach their destinations on time.

Order Food on Trains

One of the challenges many train travellers face is ensuring access to quality and hygienic food during their journey. RailMitra has addressed this concern by making the process of order food on train.

The platform offers a diverse range of food options, allowing passengers to choose their preferred meals and have them delivered right to their seats.

How to Check PNR Status Using RailMitra

RailMitra’s user-friendly interface helps passengers to check their PNR status effortlessly. By entering the PNR number on the platform, travellers can instantly access information about their journey status.

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