Proven ways to keep your brain healthy and active

Proven ways to keep your brain healthy and active

As you know that the healthy brain thinks and make a decision well as compared to the brain which is sick and remains dormant all the time. so, here are some tips to make your brain healthy and workable.

Try to increase social interaction

Some people said that they live alone and be happy but according to research their brains are not so active so they work properly. It is a fall situation so for all or maybe it is an exception. If he or she interacts with a bad community their brain is in stressful condition and it always faces depression and stress also.  

It’s the experience of scientists that if the brain interacts with good friends and family and other lovers also remains in easy condition. keep your brain in easy condition don’t put stress even a small because if you put stress on your brain it becomes tired so don’t give stress. Social connection makes the brain good to work because of the brain analysis different people’s ideas.

 Avoid Excessive Sex

If a man is married and takes an overdose of sex his brain remains inactive and he is sleeping whole the day. Excessive use of sexual processes makes the body weak internally. Excessive sex also affects females also she is bear your sex even sometimes is enjoy but when you do extra it is really hard for her to bear.  

Brain signalized that her sexual need is complete and she started to stop gaining anymore but if a man gets forced her to take sex her calcium level decreased and she moved toward a dormant condition and sleeps or is not active whole the day. In reciprocal if he or she does not have sex even for a month their brain does not work properly due to sexual stress.  

So it is suggested by the doctor that if you mature so take sex two times a week in the normal way. so sex also plays an important role to activate the brain. The adults have a natural system to release the sperm if they are not yet married.

 Use brain thinking muscle

As you think when the muscle is used it is tired the brain is also tired. Many people think that the brain works like a muscle but it does not work like a muscle.  The brain is active more when it is used. Did you think about how to use the brain? The answer to this question is that use the brain in reading books, reading newspapers, keep thought different things, and play puzzles. By playing puzzles the brain remains active.  

Active your brain makes your brain easy to memorize different things so keep them always active brain so that its memory is increased day by day.

If you use your brain in a positive activity your brain is in a positive way. If you use your brain in negative activity it will grow in a bad way. Seeing tv and excessive use of mobile phones is affected the brain badly. The excess light when you can see always you have felt stress on the brain and with the passage of time, you are got adducted to the tv and mobile phone.  

So it is also compulsory to use the mobile phone so use it in limit. If your brain has a high memory capacity you can easily memorize the millions of books in short times. So keep protect to your brain and used it in positive activity.

 Take exercise daily and morning walk

As said that; “a sound body has a sound mind”, so if you want to keep yourself fresh whole the day you have to take the morning walk on a daily bases. When a person takes a morning walk and does exercise their brain always remains active due to different activities which he does while taking exercise. The brain is active whole the day.  

In reciprocal the people who do not take exercise whole do nothing in their lives and sleep whole the day and whole the night. These people have passive brain activity and don’t do anything in their lives they are just passive and their brain remains always inactive conditions. If you are fond of morning you have to get up early in the morning this is a good thing.  

The people who awake whole all night and do not get up early in the morning and don’t take morning walks and exercise too. So getting up early in the morning is a sign of successful people and the people who sleep whole the night can not change their lives.

 Eat good food

If you want to keep your health then you have to take a good diet. The brain actually remains more active when we use natural things mostly. We have to use the vegetables, fruits, and other fresh things also. Diet plays a major role if you eat on the regular basis and on time the brain will remain fresh too.  

Eat sometimes protein and take vitamins because vitamins also give strength to your brain. Excessive use of cholesterol is not good so keep avoiding lipids. And if your diet is not good your brain not work properly so keep in mind all these things if you want good health and wealth.

Identify your brain health

If you want to know your brain health check your IQ level.The people who used their brains the most were famous scientists like Einstein, Jabar bin Hayan and Edison. They all were great scientists although the facilities are so low they make good discoveries. They utilize their brain in different activities and so they wash their thoughts and make their brain good.

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