Ring styles best suited for men in their 40’s

We have often talked about ring styles and designs for couples, women, men and even unisex designs, however, it is not a common sight to find helpful posts about what would suit middle-aged men. To provide a solution to this, we have brought to you today, a list of ring styles that would best suit the ‘quadragenarians’. So, lets jump right into it.

  • Triple layered rings

A simple style that would suit most middle-aged men is the triple layered ring. It is essentially one single band, however it has been bent into layers, to make it look like the wearer has three rings stacked one upon the other. These triple layered rings look good in various metals such as gold, silver, platinum and even steel. They are comfortable to wear, not too flashy and sometimes are even chosen as wedding or engagement rings. One can easily wear them for daily use.

  • Flat and fat bands

We have often seen some or the other middle-aged uncle in our family sporting a fat metal band as a ring. These are casually called fat and flat, since they aren’t the usual rounded shape as most bands are. These fat bands are flattened to cover more area on the fingers. They are a good choice for men with stubby fingers. This ring style essentially looks a little old school and you are not likely to see any young person sporting this design. It’s a great choice if you’re fond of rings and want something nice and chunky to show off.

  • Square cut diamond ring

Next up is the square cut ring. Nobody said diamonds can only be a girl’s best friend. Some men love a little sparkle too. And for those who do, this design is a wonderful choice. A flattened band with a square cut, flat diamond is your go-to ring if you want some bling, especially in your forties. This design demands respect and we have often seen powerful figures in movies sporting this ring as a sign of wealth, position or simply to assert their dominance. It’s a lovely way to flaunt your love for gemstones. Instead of a diamond, one can even get this made with any other precious gemstone. Some people choose to get a ring with their birthstone for believed astrological benefits. Some people also get similar synthetic diamond rings.

  • Signet rings

Signet rings are flat surfaced rings with some letters or a design carved into it. Older men often get engraved rings with the date of their wedding, their kids’ birthdays or any other important initial engraved onto their rings as a symbol of that particular relationship. Signet rings are totally old school, not to mention really cool-looking. Some people even go to the extent of getting some gang signs or the symbol of their favourite sports team on it. It is a personal choice and these rings are often customised according to the wearer’s preference.

  • Titanium bands

Our last suggestion is titanium bands. For those who do not wish to spend more on precious metals, or find them heavy, yet would like to have a ring for daily wear, can opt for titanium bands. They are light-weight. Their strength to weight ratio is phenomenal and they have a silvery appearance which makes it difficult to determine which metal they are made of. Titanium bands look cool and are affordable too. You can always opt for them if you’re not sure whether you like wearing a ring in the first place, or even as practise for wedding rings Hatton garden until you decide to buy a precious and expensive ring.

Final thoughts

Well, 40’s is the new 30’s so there isn’t much that would classify as ‘old people’s’ rings on our list. However, some people like to keep it simple and classy as they age and this is for those who like to keep their age in mind while dressing.

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