Road Freight Transportation Market Growth, Development and Deman

The transportation of goods from one place to another has always been a matter of importance. People are mostly aware regarding home delivery of things that they order online, however, it is but a miniscule part of road transport or road freight. Goods are transported on a daily basis from industries to wholesale stores or retail stores, or from wholesale to retail stores. This transportation of merchandise and goods via road, using vehicles such as vans or trucks, is referred to as road freight. While goods can now be transferred via air or ocean transport, road transport remains one of the most common ways of delivering goods.

Road freight is effective, efficient and significantly cheaper than air freight. Swift urbanization and expanding e-commerce sector are among the key factors resulting in the rising demand for road freight. As the spending ability of people and awareness regarding e-commerce services is growing, the need for efficient and faster delivery systems is also increasing. It is because of all these factors, that the global road freight transportation market is projected to progress at a considerable rate in the coming years. Medium & heavy commercial vehicles and light commercial vehicles are utilized for road freight services.

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Hence, the demand for road freight transportation services is growing due to the expanding e-commerce industry and adoption of Industry 4.0.  

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