Selection An Elegant Shower Trays For Your Bathroom Space

Shower tray sets have evolved into an essential decor element and must be selected to integrate seamlessly into the bathroom design. Measurements, finishes, colours and shapes: look at every detail carefully. The models available today will fit seamlessly into any bathroom design.

If you’re thinking of shower space and all the choices available on the market are in your way, this post will give you some valuable details.

The first step is to establish the basics. What elements should you be thinking about to decide the shower tray that is best for your bathroom?

If you’re planning your shower and the numerous options available are making you feel overwhelmed, this article will provide some valuable details.

The first step is to establish the basics. What elements should you consider to determine what shower tray would be most appropriate for your particular bathroom?

Dimensions of the shower tray

There are three kinds of shower trays:

  • Trays that have standard dimensions are not able to be modified (e.g. 70×90, 80×100, 80x120cm);
  • The tray is available in various sizes that vary only one centimetre from each other. They are more flexible and are suitable for most situations (e.g. the width of specific trays is fixed, 70cm, for instance – while lengths can vary from 80cm up and 180 cm);
  • Customized trays are designed to meet customers’ sketches’ requirements and with unusual forms.

You need to think about not only your desires and preferences but also the layout of your bathroom to determine if there is enough space for the standard shower tray or if you require one that is custom-designed to your specifications.

If you have an extra-complex bathroom, like columns, out-of-true walls or niches with irregular shapes that rule out a standard shower tray, you’ll require one that is custom-designed for you or one that can be altered during installation. That is to say; you do not have to sacrifice style and design in rooms which are hard to design.

Shower Trays | Buy Rectangular Shower Trays Online UK | Elegant Showers


The shower tray is flush to the floor or placed over it? The decision is often influenced by the area required to drain. If your home is currently being built, it’s not a problem. Simply remember to inform the plumber when you can.

If, on the other hand, you’re renovating it, think about the installation of an accessible shower tray. First, the builder must determine if there is enough space to accommodate the drain (luckily, many gutters are flatter to address this issue).

Specific models have equally attractive borders (some people do not like a flush tray). They can be helpful in keeping water out (or if the profile of the shower enclosure isn’t so simple and requires more inches at the bottom).

Another essential aspect to remember when installing is choosing the shower tray that slopes or has an attached pan (the internal component used for washing) with a flat portion. This is contingent on the shower faucets’ position and the shower enclosure’s style. For a Walk-in (our shower has an unglazed, open side), as an example, it is appropriate to keep the threshold level and place the pan that drains inside the glass enclosure.

Shower tray: What material?

Modern production technologies offer a variety of designs for contemporary shower trays. There are ceramics and acrylics (currently the preferred option), Stone and stone effect shower trays, and tray designs made of resin or other technical material (see below) and ultra-smooth to rough-textured surfaces. This means that the look of your bathroom will be enhanced by the shower tray you select.

If you’re wondering which kind of material is ideal for a shower tray, The answer is that there’s no one. Instead, it’s all about your personal preferences regarding aesthetics and requirements.

Remember to never leave unclean the shower tray.

When selecting a shower tray, it’s crucial to evaluate the materials used in addition to its ease of maintenance and cleaning. The more simple the surface more streamlined, the simpler it is to wash and also the longer it can keep its beautiful appearance.

Each product has its particularities and requirements (for instance, it’s recommended to stay clear of harsh detergents on certain materials while it’s not an issue for others). You can ask the seller, browse the company’s website for details, or carefully review the product instructions.

Shower Trays | Buy Rectangular Shower Trays Online UK | Elegant Showers

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