Stuck With Your Research Work? Get Benefit From Group Discussion

Every student has a different approach to learn about anything. Most of people prefer individual learning, as they think group work cause distractions. People take group work noisy, but they might be unaware of the positive side of group discussion. The purpose of group discussion is to learn more with less stress. In assignments, you can work individually, but some complex problems also demand group discussions.

Similarly, research work needs high analysis and critical evaluation skills. Research works demand for high focus and a different set of skills. You can gain all these benefits from group discussions. Everything has some ethics that make it easy for all. Same as, group work has a particular set of ethics. It is necessary to be polite in your tone while working in a group. Do not taunt anyone for some mistake. The purpose of group is to understand each other’s drawbacks in study and help him get control of it. Hence, in the light of group discussion’s importance, this article by The Academic Papers UK aims to discuss about group discussions.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Discussion?

Following are some benefits of group discussion as mentioned below:

  • Exchange of ideas
  • More learning sources
  • Good communication skills

Let’s discuss each benefit briefly.

Exchange of Ideas

One of the best things about group discussion is that you can get more in a short time. You may have one idea to solve a query. Now, you have to work on that single idea. It is not confirmed that you will always end up with some effective and easy idea. You are bound to follow your designed direction. On the other hand, group discussion allows you to exchange ideas. Maybe the idea of your fellow comes more beneficial.

More Learning Sources

The study material is not the only thing, but the creative skill of a person. You can also take the knowledge sources of every individual. For example, you have a group of four people. Here, the source of study can be different for all of four members. By working in a group, you can access all four sources rather than one. You can go with the best source from these four, or you can generate a new idea from the blend of these four. This approach clears different concepts in your mind.

Good Communication Skills

In a group discussion, you get a chance to share your thoughts. You get a chance to interact with people. This approach helps you improve your communication skills. It is very common to have viva and quizzes in oral form. Here, knowledge is not the only thing; you are supposed to work on the way to sharing your knowledge. Your answer can be correct, but the way you respond can be wrong. How would you feel if you got fewer marks because of poor communication skills? Obviously, it would hurt. Again, group discussion is a solution to this problem.

What Are The Limitations Of Group Discussion?

Following are some limitations of group discussion:

  • Group discussion can cause confusion by mixing so many ideas.
  • There is a chance that only one person will get the opportunity to express himself. Those who are unsure about their ideas may not prefer to speak.
  • You remain limited in your group members.
  • The interruption of members can waste time.

How Can Group Discussions Improve Your Research Work?

In a research work, you can get the following benefits out of group discussion:

  • Get a chance to work on mistakes
  • The final defense of research work
  • Set of different perspectives

Let’s discuss these benefits briefly.

Get a Chance to Work on Mistakes

No one is perfect in his personality. Everyone has some strengths and some weaknesses. It is quite natural, so there is no need to worry about it. You can have a hold on your weaknesses. One of the best ways is group discussions. It is not easy to identify your own mistake most of the time. In this regard, your group member can help you in a good way. Suppose you have two math problems to solve. One of the problems is from algebra, while the other one is from probability.

You are good at solving algebra but weak in probability. The same thing goes with your group member in other ways. So, you both can work on assignments in a group form. The collaboration becomes a source of solution for your query. In a research work, you are good at everything except analysis. In this way, it is better to make a group with those who are good at analysis. So, you can learn through group discussions.

The Final Defense of Research Work

At the end of the research, you need to defend your work in the form of a presentation. Group discussion can help you prepare well for it. The defense of research work is different from other presentations. So, you have to be very clear about it. You must have an idea about different approaches about it. The style to represent and respond matters a lot. In the final defense, you need to convince the whole staff. However, if you don’t have any idea, you can get help from PhD dissertation writing services.

Set of Different Perspectives

By working in a group, you can evaluate a single problem from a different point of view. Critical evaluation is the most important thing in the research work. Most of the students find critical evaluation as a very difficult thing. By engaging your group members, you can work better on it. There can be two aspects to this problem. The first one is that you may be unclear about your point. In research work, vague explanations do not work. So, group discussion helps you sharpen it. On the other hand, you can get different perspectives of discussion. In critical evaluation, it is necessary to discuss positive and negative aspects.

Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned pros and cons of group discussion can help you get the best result out of it. You can avoid cons of group discussion by selecting good members for the group. The cooperative and talented group members work well. You can sort out queries of research work by working in a group.

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