Studio cocooning: ways to adopt a cozy decor

The cold is starting to set in, so it’s time to turn your apartment into a real cozy nest. Our decorators give you 10 tips for having a cocooning studio decor.

A cozy environment

The key word of the cocooning studio deco is well-being. It is obviously important to feel good at home, but even more in a cozy interior that favors comfort.

Inspired by Scandinavian decoration, cocooning interiors are perfect during the winter seasons, when we spend more time at home.

Thus, for a cocooning studio decoration, it will be necessary to combine comfort and reduced space.

Which decoration to adopt or how to organize your interior, our decorators tell you more today.

Idea n°1: Leave the walls light

Already that the studios are often not very big, it is important to keep the walls in light tones.

They will brighten the room immediately and give a feeling of expanding the space.

If you find white to be a little too bland, opt for a light gray or light beige on a section of wall to break up that sense of stark place.

The light colors for your walls are also very well suited so that you can dress them with paintings, posters or even mirrors as you wish without doing any work. It is still necessary that your wall decoration does not go in all directions and that it is in agreement with your cocooning studio decoration.

Another way to add a touch of color is to paint a single section of wall in a pastel or light color such as water green or ochre.

Idea n°2: Adopt shades of gray for your cocooning studio decor

Purity in your studio

In a cocooning interior, gray is a basic color for a Scandinavian and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition to partial or total use on your walls, gray can fit in everywhere: your sofa, your cushions, but also in your kitchen, on your curtains or as a bedding set.

However, it is important to mix shades and textures. For example, your anthracite gray cotton cushions on your light gray sofa bed, accompanied by a white wool plaid, will make your room pleasant.

For decorative items, it’s the same story. Putting light gray dolomite vases, with a sleek design, with a bouquet of dried flowers inside, will blend perfectly into a cocooning studio decor.

Idea 3: Let in natural light

Daylight to optimize space

Betting on natural light is also a trick that will save you space in your studio. Indeed, large pedestal or ceiling lights make you lose space.

If your studio is really small, don’t clutter it with big thick curtains and opt for sheer curtains instead.

Sunlight naturally brings comfort and will give any space the cozy theme you are looking for.

Idea n°4: adopt cozy decor

Soft and comfortable materials in a cocooning studio decor

Some materials are more prone to a cocooning environment than others.

For your decorative elements, you could use faux fur for your white cushions or your rugs, for example.

Wool is also a very pleasant material to the touch and will be perfect for your plaid, providing comfort and will thus be perfect for snuggling up in on very cold days.

For your vases and crockery, noble materials such as earthenware or sandstone are very warm and are often in light colors to go perfectly in a cocooning interior.

Back to basics for natural warmth

Raw material in a Nordic interior, wood can be integrated in all its forms into your cozy studio.

For your furniture, whether for your chairs, your convertible bed or a coffee table, opt for those with solid wood legs. The design is often sleek and they remain a basic of cozy decor. Go for models here!

For your small decorative elements, use a raw wooden tray in the center of the table, with a few candles, and harmony will be installed.

Other natural materials can also be used, such as wicker or other plant fibres, for your flowerpots, placemats or storage boxes.

Idea n°5: A cocooning studio decoration with plants

Plants in all seasons

Reassuring and full of life, plants are perfect to put on your shelves or on your bedside table.

They will bring natural freshness to your studio and give a touch of pep to your bland room.

You can also bet on cocooning with pearly white or wicker planters so that they fit into your cozy space.

Be careful, however, not to put too much because their dominance of dark green can transform your cocooning interior into a real jungle.

Idea n°6: dim lights

Combine bright space and reduced environment

A cocooning atmosphere also requires well-adapted lights. In a studio, it shouldn’t take up too much space.

Some lights such as ceiling lights or wall lights will take up very little space in your studio and can create a pleasant atmosphere.

Why not think about connected lighting that will change colors depending on the atmosphere you want to adopt in your interior.

However, if you want to opt for an imposing model of suspension, consider lampshades in vegetable fibers.

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