symptoms of blood cancer

Bone and back pain is also an indication  of blood cancer, it knows its types, causes and treatment

Blood Cancer Symptoms: If your back pain is suffering you with bone pain, you need to look out for other signs as they may be blood cancer.

World Blood Cancer Day is celebrated every year on May 28 to inform people about this deadly disease. As the body’s cells begin to mutate more than necessary, cancer begins to spread through the blood throughout the body. This causes the cells to grow. Therefore, it is necessary to know and treat the symptoms of this disease in time. That we can find out how many types of blood cancer there are and what are the symptoms and causes.

Types of blood cancer




Symptoms of blood cancer in

cancer, abnormal blood cells begin to grow and normal blood cells decline, resulting in the following symptoms in the body.

Problems perspiring during night sleep.

Sudden loss of hunger.

Weight loss

Persistent bone pain. The fever continued.

Heavy flow in the menstrual cycle.

Blood from the nose, throat and rectum.

Feeling of swelling in the throat and hands.

Feeling of pain and swelling in the back of the abdomen. Causes

Blood cancer usually occurs as a result of exposure to radiation and certain chemicals such as benzene and others. Among other factors, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. increase the risk of blood cancer, and genetic factors are sometimes the cause.

Blood cancer screening

Complete blood count


Blood protein test

Blood cancer treatment

Stem cell transplantation,  bone marrow stem cells that collect peripheral blood and place it in healthy hematopoietic cells


radiation therapy

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