The show's storyline follows the lives of various residents

There are many Netflix series out there, but what are the best ones? This article will give you some ideas. Check out Stranger Things, Schitt’s Creek, Bridgerton, Ozark, and more. You might even discover a new favorite. Let’s get started! Which series is your favorite? Here are some recommendations:

Stranger Things

The first season of Stranger Things on Netflix is an instant hit, with the third season slated for release in 2020. The series is an eclectic mix of investigative drama, science fiction, and childlike sensibilities set in 1980s pop culture. The series was developed by the Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy and drew inspiration from Cold War conspiracy theories and 80s pop culture. The series has received critical acclaim and awards.

The cult hit series is back with season four, which premieres on May 27. The fourth season continues the series’ story of a group of friends dealing with mysterious events in Hawkins, Indiana, after the disappearance of Will Byers. It centers around the titular character, Eleven, who has psychokinetic powers and may be able to prevent creatures from the ‘Upside Down’ from taking over the world.

Schitt’s Creek

“Schitt’s Creek” is leaving Netflix after six seasons. The show is set in a small town, where only a broken-down hotel serves as the town’s main attraction. The series is a hit and was so successful that it swept all the major comedy acting categories at the Emmys in 2020. The series received several nominations during its previous seasons and was later picked up by a streaming service, including Hulu.

The show’s storyline follows the lives of various residents of the small town of Schitt’s Creek, Maine. As the series continues, its plot will evolve and change. However, one constant remains Alexis and Ted’s love for each other. In the third season, Ted and Alexis play the musical chairs version of speed dating, but Moira’s event forces Alexis into the game. After seeing this, she sits down before Ted and confronts him.


In a new period drama series, Shondaland is introducing a powerful family, Bridgerton, and the story of eldest daughter Daphne Bridgerton. Though she is the eldest daughter of the wealthy and powerful Bridgerton family, Daphne longs to find true love like her parents. But she must overcome a high society scandal sheet. Lady Whistledown, a mysterious character who casts doubt on Daphne’s future, tries to ruin her hopes of finding true love. And the Duke of Hastings, a committed bachelor, is also in the mix.

The historical-romance saga of Bridgerton, based on a series of eight novels by Julia Quinn, has hit Netflix as a saga. The show was created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shondaland. Season 1 of the Netflix series broke streaming records as it followed Daphne’s quest to find a husband, and unexpectedly connected with the dashing Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings. Season two focused on Anthony, the son of the family.


The Ozark series on Netflix is a dark, gritty thriller that follows the lives of three different families living in a small town. It centers on the family of Marty Byrde, a successful financial advisor who becomes caught up in a money-laundering scheme. His family relocates from Chicago to Missouri, and he tries to make amends with the Mexican drug cartel by setting up a larger operation. However, his business turns ugly when he gets involved with local criminals and the FBI.

In the show, a professional criminal named Ruth Langmore becomes involved with Marty’s business dealings. Ruth grew up in a family of notorious criminals, and her father was sentenced to prison in the first episode. Later, she shot him dead, as did her uncle Ross. As the series progressed, many members of the family met a similar end. In the fourth season, Ruth killed her uncle Ross, who was also involved in the drug trade. Then, a gang leader killed his wife Darlene for refusing to stop taking heroin.


If you love watching TV shows, you can download them to your computer. Netflix offers various series in different genres and video quality. The series can be streamed in standard definition, high definition (HD), or ultra-high definition (UHD). It is available in different streaming applications on different devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can watch Netflix series and movies anywhere, any time. All you have to do is download and watch them at your leisure.

Some people like to watch TV shows and movies with their partners. But some couples aren’t able to watch Netflix together because of distance. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, Netflix has several ways for you to enjoy the same shows together. You can watch Netflix series with your significant other via phone or video call. These methods can make watching Netflix series and movies with your significant other an easy and enjoyable experience.

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