The Sports Leagues and Events affected by a Coronavirus

The outbreak of coronavirus has had a serious impact on the gaming industry. The COVID-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus has infected more than 1.9 million people worldwide, now every part of the sporting value chain has been affected, from athletes, teams, and sports leagues, events to the media that broadcast games. The sports landscape has to cancel events and put leagues on temporary suspension. 

Impacts of coronavirus on sports leagues and events

The outbreak of coronavirus across the world causes cancelation and postponement of gaming events and leagues. The professional leagues around the world canceled their sports events to limit the spread of viruses. Here is the list of sports leagues  and events that are affected by the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  • NBA
    The NBA informed its team members not to go outside North America. The league has suspended its 2020 session. 

  • MLB
    The major league of baseball is also suspended and the start of its session is also delayed by months.

  • NFL
    The NFL’S annual meeting has now been canceled. The team members of the NFL are also restricted from making personal visits.

  • NHL

    The NHL, American Hockey League, the leagues of the Canadian Hockey League, the USHL, and ECHL announced its events to be suspended.

  • NCCA

        The NCCA has announced that the men’s and women’s tournament has been canceled due to the outbreak of coronavirus. 

    All races through until May 3 2020 have been delayed.

  • Bundesliga

        The German soccer league (DFL) suspended its march season.

  • Tennis

    French Open has been postponed. Several WTA and ATP events have been canceled till June.

These above-mentioned lists are some of the sports leagues and events that have been canceled or postponed around the world with the outbreak of coronavirus.

The cancelation of major sports events and leagues affects the sporting world as well as the gaming industry. The World Health Organization has officially declared 2020 as a pandemic year that also affects the revenue of gaming industries. In order to get over this crisis, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the entrepreneurs need to find some better alternatives in the gaming industry. In such a state of the outbreak, as the entertainment has been filled by the online arena, it is a better opportunity for the business to start their venture in ESPORTS. Esports Platform Development can be a better chance for the businesses to gain greater popularity.  As per the guidelines of WHO people are staying in their homes and opt for some better source of entertainment which could be an upturn opportunity for a gaming business.

Choices available for Gaming Businesses during COVID-19


Esports can be a Reliable Choice for the gaming industry

People are encouraged by WHO to stay in their homes and also join their hands with different gaming industries for global campaigns. The gaming industry owners can save their business by offering esports games to their users. For enhancing and recovering the revenue, gaming businesses need to look something exciting for the users and esports can be the best choice for it. The opportunity for being in esports increases with the engagement of users in playing games online.

Weather Betting can be an enticing choice for users

If the business is into iGaming weather betting can be a unique choice for the users. In the situation of an outbreak whether betting can be a wonderful option for the punters. The iGaming entrepreneurs have a choice to offer weather betting to the players to keep them engaged. They can bet on the storms, rains, temperature, snow, city temperatures, and rainy days for the city, and Betting on forecasts is entirely enticing for the bettors which are supported by online weather betting software.

Virtual Sports Betting

As live events are canceled around the world, people are engaging themselves in gaming to get out of boredom. Video gaming is growing its share in respect of time and entertainment. Major gaming events are involved in virtual gaming which could be an opportunity for gaming businesses to enhance their users worldwide.

The above are some of the best alternatives for the gaming business, to survive in the scenario of crisis. From the above-mentioned game types, ESPORTS can be the most engaging platform for users. It is also supported by different software development companies and investors, which could be a better opportunity for gaming businesses to generate their revenue share.

Latest Trends in Esports during COVID-19

Online viewing platforms YouTube and Twitch & the pro leagues for the esports games also include major events such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, Legends of Leagues, and many more. With the downfall of gaming events, esports is not as affected as traditional sports. There are various options available in esports that can be an offering by gaming businesses to their users:

Esports Betting Software 

Esports betting software can be the perfect choice for bettors who are seeking to explore some new and exciting betting options. Due to the cancelation of major sports events, esports betting proves to be a one-stop solution for punters to satisfy their betting desires by placing bets on exciting esports games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, PubG and many more. 

Fantasy Esports Software

In order to enlarge the users to a great extent, fantasy esports betting can be a wonderful opportunity. Fantasy esports software can give a live experience to the users while covering all major features of fantasy as well as esports betting platforms.

White Label Esports Tournament Software

With the engaging esports platform, white label esports tournament software can be helpful to build a customized esports tournament for the users. It can increase the chance to retain your users and can also be beneficial to generating revenue for the entrepreneurs. The business owners need to find the appropriate esports tournament software providers that can customize the platform as per the requirements of the users. 

Esports can be a Trending World of Entertainment

The outbreak of coronavirus keeps people in their homes for extended periods. Online gaming and esports can be helpful in satisfying the social passivity of consumers who are looking for entertainment in stressful situations. people will always remember how esports and video games made them feel at a particularly tumultuous time. 

Due to the situation of the outbreak, major sports leagues and events got canceled. In such a situation the gaming industry can opt for an esports business to retain its users and enhance its revenue. The above-mentioned options shown in esports can be a wonderful reason for the gaming industry to opt for the esports business.

If you desire to improve your gaming business from the outbreak, you need to opt for the best esports software development company. For starting your esports business with the ultra-modern features of an esports platform, GammaStack can be your one-stop destination.

GammaStack is not only known for its top iGaming software solutions but it also offers software solutions in online casino software, sports betting platform, and fantasy sports software.

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