Tips To Making Your CV The Best

See If You Fit The Role 

The worst would be to apply for a vacancy of a technical content writer when you have little or no experience in writing content or have a basic knowledge of soft wares, AI etc. Skills would, however, count in the cases where the qualifications don’t suffice. What if you graduated with an engineering degree, but since your interest lay in soft wares and data analysis, you got on with learning, opted for vocational courses and built your basis? You would have a relatively better chance at it. Therefore, you must see if you fit the role.  

Tailor it 

We never wear the same suit to every event in our life, then why keep submitting the same CV? Never submit a resume for consideration unless you have taken the time to modify it to fit the specific job you seek. Investing an hour or two a week in research into the types of companies you plan to apply to is the most effective way to craft a CV that will get you noticed. Learn all you can about the company and what it is looking for in a candidate and tailor accordingly 

 Here are some tips for tailoring your CV: 

A CV Can Never Be More Than Two Pages 

Going through a million pages per minute, a recruiter doesn’t have time to bat an eye at an e-file larger than a hundred kilobytes, even if you have all the qualifications. So avoid putting down unrelated background information, vague assurances, and lengthy, unspecific goals. 

Be Clear. Be Concise. Always and always keep it to the point and leave the details for the interview. 

Your Pre-School Shouldn’t Be The First Thing a Recruiter Sees. 

Turn around and start going backwards. From the very last academic degree or the skills you achieved to the very first. The most recent should be the most prominent. It is much better, when tailoring, to mention only the ones relevant to the nature of the job. However, those too, need to be mentioned in reverse chronology.  

Bullet-Point The Achievements. 

The blood and sweat don’t count; it’s only the shining medals. Arrange these medals in bullets for them to be caught at first sight. Refrain writing short, closely-spaced paragraphs to avoid overwhelming the reader. Upgrade your CPD; with Covid-19 gobbling up the job opportunities, competency requirements are sky-rocketing. If you aren’t achieving something right now, you are losing the next two years of your career. So, get going with your continuous professional development and bullet through as much as possible. Remember to mention the year of achievements, so their validity is out front. 

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Pro Tip: Knowing ATS Helps In Deciding The Overall Layout 

 A human can’t keep track of gazillions of CVs running around the systems. Applicant Tracking System increases the productivity and capabilities of recruiters and centralises their Data. So there is absolutely no reason to fear it. ATS is all about formats and fonts; therefore, don’t use the several types of funny fonts that cut down your chances of selection through ATS. All you need to know is: 

Every company has its own. (i.e. If they have it, which is 98% of the large Companies Worldwide, according to Job scan research)

Your resume formatting matters more than the food you eat. Keep it simple, straight and consistent. Avoid Tables.

Keywords is what you need to look for. Tailor your CV to the exact way the job description is written. Note if the JD says ‘non-profit or non-profit’ or if it uses numeric instead of alphabets for numbers.

 Power Words And Key Skills: 

What every best marketing agency ever did was use action verbs rigorously.  

Your key skills must be prominently shining on your CV. If you aren’t literally selling yourself in your CV then there is no other purpose for it to serve. Mention your key skills on a side panel or a bar in the middle of your CV. It should be eye-catching since it is the core area of expertise required to do the job. 

For a substantial impact on the employer, you must use power words and stats demonstrating your enthusiasm and contribution to your previous company. This can be achieved by showing off your key skills using power words; for instance: 

Developed effectively advanced strategies for tracking media growth and public relations for the company.”  

Steering the Company’s basic revenues worth £65 billion 

Accomplished an improved weekly feedback, resulting in up to 65% customer satisfaction.

Don’t forget to put the soft and hard skills as well. Employers love to see what value you can add to the role they are considering you for, such as Problem-Solving Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Creative, Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Management Skills etc.  

Getting the right job is merely the beginning of your professional journey. There’s still a lot to learn! However, perfecting your CV will help you get closer to your goals.  

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