Top 15 Elements for Modern Website Designing

A website plays a pivotal role in establishing the online authority of a business. In addition to being informative and interesting, it should be search engine friendly. This is crucial for generating organic traffic. Over time, the design elements that keep a website in the good books of a search engine have evolved. It is important to keep pace with these changing design trends in order to rank high in search results and establish a good reader/ consumer base. Top Website designing companies take note of these trends and inculcate them to develop digitally viable websites. 

 In this article, we have shared the top 15 elements for modern website design. Read on to find out:

 1. White Space

 Minimizing the design elements and placing important content systematically by giving enough white space makes the information clearer and readable. The readers can skim through it easily, stop at different points and continue from there without being lost. Lack of it can make the page look cluttered and difficult to read.

 2. Exceptional Typography

The use of specific typography is also a good way to stand out among the competitors. Using the same typography across web pages familiarizes the clients with the brand. It helps create a brand identity.

 3. Bright and Catchy Colour Scheme

 The use of a bright colour scheme is recommended for websites. Such colours enhance their appeal and make them appear more inviting. While choosing the col0our scheme of yo0ur website and app it is also important to ensure that the shades go well with the essence of the brand.

 4. Responsiveness

 Your website must be responsive. This is to say that it should seamlessly fit into different kinds of devices including mobile, laptops and tabs. The user must be able to browse it smoothly irrespective of the device he uses. A trusted web development agency understands the importance of this element and ensures your website is designed accordingly.

 5. Background Videos

 A web page’s appeal enhances instantly with the inclusion of a relevant and attractive background video. It serves as a great way to capture the reader’s attention and generate interest. It is a good idea to provide information about your brand or a particular product or service y0u are offering by way of such a video. It helps connect better with your audience. It is also a good way to lower the content on your website and make it look more organized and readable.

 6. Rotated Texts

 In web designing, rotated text is considered an excellent choice as it grabs instant attention. Such text can be used to send out important information  and make the page look more attractive.

 7. High Quality Images

 The images you choose should be visually appealing and relevant at the same time. The point you are trying to convey should come across well through the use of images. Choosing high quality product images can help create a good impression and boost sales.

 8.Smooth Navigation 

 The menus and links included on the website aid in navigation. The navigation menu helps the users navigate through different pages. Your website should have a clearly defined menu so that the readers can move back and forth quickly and easily. A vertical menu is a good choice as it is easy to access horizontally as well as vertically. It should also include strategically placed links to help the users land exactly on the information they are seeking.

 9. Hero Images

 Hero images are images spread across the entire screen. Your home page must have a hero image as it enhances its appeal manifolds. You may also choose suitable hero images for other pages on your site. Interesting hero images help attract users.

 10. Animation

 Animation is definitely an excellent design element for modern websites. It includes spinning elements, playful buttons, rotating images and 3D motion among other things. Such elements help grab attention and make the users look for more. You can send across important messages by way of animations as they are more likely to grab attention.

 11. Semi-Flat Design

 This type of design offers the ease to access the website and understand the information shared on the same. It is suggested to maintain the design format across the website to avoid confusion and put across the information systematically. Many website designing companies are incorporating semi-flat or flat designs.

 12. Call to Action Tabs

 Wherever applicable, it is suggested to add call to action tabs. Placing them appropriately prompts the users to try the products/ services.  These buttons should be bright and clearly defined so that they are easy to find. They go a long way in increasing sales.

 13. Ghost Buttons

 These are transparent buttons without solid colour fill. They merge seamlessly into the background. One mistake that businesses make is that they create ghost buttons for CTA. It should be noted that both these have distinct functionality and cannot be used in place of one another. Both these should form a part of your page. You must place them strategically to encourage action.

 14. Short Informative Videos

Short videos and reels are quite a rage these days. Users love browsing through them. Creating short informative videos that are interesting and fun to watch can amp user engagement.

 15.Faster Load Design

 It is essential to embed a design technology that enables the website to load quickly. Everyone enjoys a fast and smooth browsing experience. Lack of it increases the bounce rate thereby hampering the domain authority of a website. A slow website also fails to impress the search engines and is thus unable to rank high.

 To conclude, there are several design elements to look out for. Hero images, short informative videos, 3D motion, playful buttons, semi-flat website design, high-quality images, catchy colour scheme, background videos, semi-flat design, ghost buttons, rotated text, white space and exceptional typography are among a few elements that should strictly be included to drive organic traffic and generate user interest. One must also ensure that the website is responsive and loads quickly to offer a smooth browsing experience. Reputed web designing & development agencies take care of these elements to boost the performance of your website.

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