Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Companies in Minneapolis, MN

Over the years, the apparel sector has grown enormously in size. People are prepared to pay a fair fee for high-quality design. Fashion is a style that may be applied to a wide range of apparel and accessories.

Designers create new patterns and trends by imagining new combinations of cuts, colors, and appearances. Hence, fashion refers to the mass production of style statements. So, to become a successful fashion retailer, you should consider investing in high-quality wholesale clothes that may shock the industry.

Undoubtedly, a complete fashion culture has emerged in cities worldwide. It also necessitates the purchase of things in large quantities for fashion boutiques. That’s probably how you landed up here.

Wholesale apparel is a terrific way to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd, regardless of what event you need it for. Here are the top five wholesale t-shirt companies in Minneapolis to assist you in selecting the ideal firm for your needs.


ApparelnBags is one of the leading suppliers of wholesale clothing in Minneapolis. However, they have consistently outperformed the competition regarding clothing quality and customer service. They provide t-shirts to their consumers. Moreover, they offer high-quality customization.

Without a doubt, the company has all kinds of services to produce top-notch custom and blank wholesale t-shirts. Plus, unlike most of the wholesalers on our list, ApparelnBags allows you to check out directly from their website, so you don’t have to go through any hurdles to get things for your business.

Aside from their fantastic services, they also provide better savings on bulk apparel orders. Shop there to ramp up your marketing efforts and raise your company’s visibility without breaking the wallet.


Apparelgator is a store of wholesale clothing in Minneapolis. They offer a large selection of name-brand clothing. Similarly, they take pleasure in providing various options to their consumers. They also closely monitor fashion trends and maintain a high-quality control standard.

Professionals at the firm construct your design and help you choose the things you wish to wear. They make sure that the end outcome is precisely what you desired. This place is one of the most cost-effective choices. From fashion trend research through styling, material, quality control, pricing, and packaging, their staff will do a quality check on their generated items.

You may purchase with confidence since they continuously provide great deals and discounts. Because of its extensive reach, Apparelgator is an obvious choice for wholesale t-shirts.


Wordans serves as the industry leader for wholesale clothing in Minneapolis. They have thousands of goods in their collection.

In a highly competitive industry, Wordans is at the forefront, connecting with a wide range of clients and providing them with the ability to take advantage of our low-price guarantee. With this in mind, they offer a wide range of items in a broad catalog that includes over 60 brands.

The company’s professionals recognize the value of displaying your brand in the marketplace. As a result, their primary goal is to ensure that your product is made to your demands and meets the highest possible quality standards. The purpose of Wordans is to give good service at a fair price and be the best provider.

Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted provide branded wholesale clothing and promotional goods. They sell top-quality clothes and promotional goods and employ the best branding procedures to achieve professional, long-lasting results.

Additionally, the company creates brands with highly customized, high-quality items from only approved and trustworthy vendors. Their professionals can do the task for you and provide quick turnarounds.

The firm takes pride in providing the highest quality items at an affordable price. Their professionals can tackle any job, regardless of size or style. If you’re searching for a place to start a small business, Fully Promoted is an excellent place to start.


CustomOneOnline supports bulk T-shirt printing orders. They serve as a wholesale clothing supplier in Minneapolis for merchants. They help small businesses wish to expand their business without making significant investments.

Despite the order size, their specialists never compromise quality for quantity. Thus, they only guarantee that their wholesale apparel in Minneapolis will be of the highest quality.

With the addition of a few accessories, the brand’s garments may easily be dressed up. Your consumers will like the clothing’s fresh and lively atmosphere, a modern take on traditional design.

CustomOneOnline prioritizes customer happiness. They seek to provide the best pricing and service with every order. The company is a firm believer in building long-term connections with its customers.


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