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Every year, vehicles older than three years must pass an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test to ensure that they are safe to drive.

This in-depth MOT Birmingham guide will cover all the information you require, including what gets examined during a test and what to do if your car fails.

Your vehicle must undergo an MOT test for the first time when it is three years old from the date of registration.

When Must I Have an MOT test?

You’ll receive an MOT test certificate once you’ve passed that lists the test’s date and the date that it expires so you’ll know when the vehicle needs a new MOT Birmingham. The original renewal date is usually kept if you want to have the vehicle retested up to one month (minus one day) before it expires.

MOT Test Birmingham!

If your vehicle fails its MOT, you may only remove it if your current MOT certificate is still in effect and the new report from the failed MOT did not list any “dangerous” issues. If not, you have to have it fixed before you may drive.

When is My MOT Due and How Can I Find Out?

You may easily use the tool and enter your registration number and car make if you’ve lost your MOT certificate.

With this, you may quickly check the status of your MOT and taxes. Additionally, you can request a free replacement MOT certificate to replace the one you lost.

Does an MOT Have a Grace Period?

No. Driving your automobile on the road is not permitted as soon as your MOT expires. By doing so, you could face charges.

Driving Without an MOT is Possible

No. To drive, a vehicle needs to have an MOT certificate. You may drive your vehicle as long as it has scheduled the MOT test, which is the only exception.

If you own a car but don’t intend to use it, you must keep it off the road and must file a SORN (Stop Operating Road Needed) declaration.

How Should I Prepare My Car for the MOT Examination?

Many vehicles fail an MOT because of simple fixes to minor issues that existed prior to the test. You might get surprised by what could go wrong with an MOT; some problems are relatively small.

To ensure that your car is in the greatest condition possible, it is a good idea to compile an MOT checklist a few weeks before the inspection date. If the vehicle fails the test, you will be able to proactively fix the issues and prevent any difficulties.

But it is essential to make clear that you cannot keep your renewal date if your automobile fails its MOT.

Pre-MOT Checks

In order to increase your car’s likelihood of passing its MOT, you can perform a few basic things as a driver:

Keep your vehicle spotless both inside and out. A cluttered boot and a car that is far too unclean could cause the examiner to decline to do the MOT.

Give the license plates a good cleaning because they must be legible to pass the MOT.

Verify that the windshield wipers are in good shape and free of tears.

Verify that all of the lights are operational. Ask a friend or family member to check the lights outside the vehicle to be sure they are working properly.

Using the 20-p test, check the tread and tyre pressure.

Refill the screenwash, oil, and brake fluid levels.

Your mirrors should be secure and in good shape to ensure that you can use them safely.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) included in your vehicle’s V5C logbook and the VIN displayed on its bodywork should match.

What Does an MOT Cover, and How Long Does It Take?

It doesn’t take long for an MOT test. The test lasts between 45 to an hour. The procedure will take longer if fixes are necessary after the test.

Electrical components such as headlights, brake lights, indicators, and fog lights are examples of electrical equipment.

Steering – including steering wheel strength and condition.

Tyres – includes tread depth and tyre condition

Suspension – This includes shock absorbers, as well as any corrosion or wear.

Brakes – includes pedal condition and efficiency.

Seat belts as well as seats

Check for any leaks in the exhaust and fuel systems.

Mirrors, wipers, and windscreen – includes windscreen damage and wiper blade condition

Vehicle Identification Number (VPN) – It is critical that the vehicle shows its VPN.

The MOT Birmingham checklist is fairly detailed, and the tester will almost certainly inspect every square inch of your car. Considering what they have planned will help you keep your automobile in good shape and ensure that you adhere to the minimum requirements all year long.

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