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While you buy a car, you get a user guide with the vehicle. This document will help you to service your car at regular intervals. In fact, car service is a vital factor to maintain your car well for a long time. If you ignore car service for a long time, it is possible your car does not perform optimally on roads. Maybe it stops working permanently before its normal lifespan.

If you are a new car driver, you need to enhance your knowledge about Car Service Faringdon because of its importance.

We have a handy guide that will help you to understand the idea of car service well.

Have a glance and maintain your car according to the specifications of your user manual!

What is a car service?

A car service is a routine checkup in a garage. When you reach the garage for the checkup, the mechanic will examine the mechanical condition of your car. He will check different parts of the vehicle to find out signs of wear and tear. If the mechanic finds any fault in the mechanical system of the vehicle, he will change or repair the faulty part. The steps of the service depend on the type of service.

How often should you visit the garage to service your car?

Modern cars come with service indicators that will remind the driver when the car service is due.

Traditionally, you will find all the recommendations about the car service in the user guide. Many carmakers will recommend that you have a car service every 10000 to 20000 miles. The distance depends on the model of your vehicle as well.

What is included in a normal session of car service?

A normal session of car service will include a visual checkup of your car components. The mechanic will locate the signs of damage on the body of your car or wheels. He will check the brakes and gearbox for wear and tear.

The mechanic may check the engine oil, oil filter, tyres, bodywork, lights, suspension system and car battery during the car service session.

Types of car service

There are 3 types of car service.

Interim car service:

You should visit the garage for the interim car service every 6 months or 6000 miles. An interim service includes lights, brakes, tyres, suspension, steering, and fluids. Some garages may include an oil change, oil filter and the inspection of the drive belt.

Full car service:

You have to visit the garage for full service every 12 months or 12000 miles.

It includes every component that is included in the interim service. Extra checks in this service include fuel filter, air cleaner, alternator hose and vacuum hose, parking brakes shoes, and wheels.

Major car service:

You should go to the garage for major service after 24 months or 24000 miles. This service includes all the components of full service. Extra checkups in this service include brake fluid replacement, spark plug replacement, odour fluid replacement, and inspection of automatic transmission oil levels.

Benefits of regular car service

If you visit a garage for car service at regular time intervals, you will have the following benefits:

Better performance of your car:

Regular repairs and replacements keep the components of your car in good condition. Therefore, your car will perform excellently on the roads. You will get proper handling while you send inputs to the components like car tyres.

Peace of mind:

You will make short or long trips with optimum comfort and peace of mind if you are sure that your car has no faults. On the other hand, you will worry at every moment if you know well that your car is not in good condition.


As a car driver, you are responsible to keep your car and other road users safe on the roads. Therefore, you must keep your vehicle fit and fine to ensure proper road safety.

Long life of the vehicle:

Regular car service will enhance the life of your vehicle. Since your car has no faults in its mechanical systems, it will serve your needs for a longer period of time.

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